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Media Releases and Reports

This page is available for researchers and their partners to inform the community about their research through the use of Media Releases and Open-Access Research Reports. New media releases and reports must be fully identified by including: The name, email address, and affiliation of the contact person; the identity of one or more research partners (if applicable); the title and date of the release; and the media-release text. These details can be submitted as a pdf to the Webmaster on for inclusion on this page.

Media releases from the partnership between Deakin University and Australian Unity

Media Release

September 2019

Wellbeing Index finds Australians are happiest in retirement

Media Release

January 2019

How to be happier in 2019 Deakin wellbeing expert

Media Release

December 2020

Australians ‘remarkably resilient’ during COVID-19

The Conversation Article

June 2022

5 charts on Australian well-being, and the surprising effects of the pandemic

The Conversation Article

May 2023

Australians’ satisfaction with life is at its lowest level in two decades

Media Release

November 2023

Generational and income divides and carers' wellbeing in 2023