Staff profile: Ms. Linda Hartley-Clark


Ms Hartley-Clark received her Bachelor of Arts with Distinction from Deakin University in Melbourne in 2010, along with first class Honours in Psychology, in 2011. She was awarded the Australian Unity PhD scholarship from the Australian Centre on Quality of Life at Deakin University in 2011, and is currently in the first year of her PhD candidature.

Linda's research interests are in the area of Subjective Wellbeing (SWB), in particular, broadening our understanding of SWB as a core affective construct. Her specific research aims will focus on refining current theorising regarding the composition and measurement of SWB as an affective construct. This will include an investigation of the factors that drive both the maintenance of SWB and defeat in levels of SWB.

Linda lives in inner-city Melbourne with her husband, two children, and two pussycats. She loves drinking chai tea, looking in bookshops with her husband, and going to the movies with her kids.