Data Sites


Australian Bureau of Statistics
Social Statistics, i.e.,mental health and well-being of subgroups, and Australia's economic and social indicators, i.e., GDP, labour force, income. Various publications may be purchased.
Australian Monthly Economic and Social Indicators
Monthly statistical bulletin
International Social Science Surveys
These data are freely available for academic and teaching use, subject to the conditions of use noted on the web site. The data covers a wide variety of topics of interest especially to researchers in sociology, demography, labor economics, andpolitical science.
Journeys Home study
This study is following a sample of income support (Centrelink) customers who were selected in such a way that ensured many of them had recently experienced homelessness (broadly defined). Its principal aim is to study housing transitions among a relatively disadvantaged sub-population.


Statistics Canada
The official source for Canadian social and economic statistics and products.
Canadian Council on Social Development
CCSD is a non-profit social policy and research organization focusing on issues such as poverty, disability, cultural diversity, child well-being, labour markets and housing.


Provides references for research on QOL in Canada, France, Spain etc.
National Statistics (UK)
Official UK statistics site. You can view and download a wealth of economic and social data FREE.
SIMon - Social Indicators Monitor
Allows comfortable access to the time series data from two systems of social indicators developed and maintained by the Social Indicators Research Centre of GESIS
World Database of Happiness
Happiness-References, bibliographies,conceptualisation, measurability, indicators, theories.
Papers can be purchased.

United States

General Social Survey Resources developed at Queens College
Queens College Department of Sociology
Indiana University Center for Survey Research
General information about the universities surveys, staff, services, projects, research, however no specific survey questions.
International Society for QOL Studies
Bibliographies, references
Minnesota Center for Survey Research
Summary of research projects, however, no survey sites.
National Center for Health Statistics
Births, deaths and illness statistics. Part of US Dept of Health and Human Services.
Odum Institute's Public Opinion Polls Question Database
Over 150 survey questions examining QOL. Eg. All in all, how satisfied would you say you are with the QOL in the Mount Desert Island?
See links to worldwide statistical surveys.
Health related QOL measures
US Bureau of Census
1997 Economic census-housing, people, business