Project Information

Project title
Selecting patient reported outcome measures for use in an integrative medicine clinic
Dr. Jennifer Hunter
Prof. Stephen Leeder
Prof. Kerryn Phelps
Postal address
PO Box 2049
Bondi Junction
1355 NSW
Project dates
Commenced November 2009
Anticipated completion November 2010
National Institute of Complementary Medicine, Integrated Care Research Program
Nature of the project
Thesis research Doctoral, Faculty of Medicine, University of Sydney
Collaborative linkages: Uclinic, Surry Hills, Sydney; Menzies Centre for Health Policy, University of Sydney
Brief description

This project aims to consult patients' and practitioners' to assess their opinions on a shortlist of patient reported outcome measures and the use of a longitudinal web-based dataset that will measure the holistic health outcomes of patients attending Uclinic - a multidisciplinary primary care clinic that integrates traditional, complementary and alternative medicine with orthodox biomedicine. The purpose of the dataset is to measure the full spectrum of health, from illness to wellness.