Project Information

Project title
Development of a quality of life scale for dogs
Janina Wojciechowska, Caroline Hewson, Vianne Timmons, Norma Guy, Gary Patronek (University of P.E.I)
Postal Address
Sir James Dunn Animal Welfare Centre, Atlantic Veterinary College, 550 University Avenue, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada C1A4P3
Project dates
Commenced September 2001
Anticipated completion August 2003
Nature of the project
thesis research
Brief description

When animal caregivers are deciding about treatment of a sick animal or about euthanasia, they ask their veterinarian "Is this animal suffering?" The veterinarian's response may be biased by their focus on physical health, by their personality-type and by their social and cultural values. In addition, neither the veterinarian nor the owner may take fully into account the animal's mind and its nature (- its individual make-up, breed and temperament). For these reasons, we need a more systematic and objective method of assisting animals' quality of life (QoL). This research will examine one method: a scale for assessment of the QoL of dogs. We are currently developing the scale and will then examine its validity and reliability.