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The quality of life of Mental Disability Patients
Sonia Soto
Postal address
Student of the UBA Universidad de Buenos Aires, School of Social Work Gral. N Uriburu 5707 - 7° B. Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, CP 1439 Argentina
Brief description

For the analysis of Quality of Life of the persons with some mental illness and that are under the intervention of the Official Guardianship I have taken since indexes an instrument of evaluation with empirical base named "Comprehensive Quality of Life Scale" in it's version for persons with mental problems named ComQol - ID. This instrument has been developed by R.A. Cummins (1997) to measure the quality of life of the adult persons with mental problems from it's different dimensions and it's complexity.

For the particular characteristics of my professional pre-practice, it is necessary an adjustment of the ComQol - ID. Persons' universe with some mental illness that they are under the intervention of the Official Guardianship and to whom I can accede from my assistant's condition in the institution is limited. My investigation will be delimited to "types cases" (between 5 and 10). For the enrichment of the experience, the interviews will tend to gather qualitative information of type more than it to measuring the qualities levels of life.