Project Information

Project title
Daily Hassles & fear of crime: Its impact on the quality of life among adult population of Karachi City
Haider Rizvi (University of Karachi), Dr Nazre Khalique (University of Karachi)
Postal address
Dept. of Psychology, University of Karachi, Karachi-75270 PAKISTAN
Project dates
Project commencements and anticipated Completion dates: (at least three years)
NIL (If provided by any American University/Organization shall be highly appreciated
Brief description

Daily Hassles: will be measured by developing, standardizing the Daily Stresses/Hassles onto the Pakistani Adult population of Karachi City.

Fear of Crime (Perceived Crime risk factor): will also be evaluated through open-ended questionnare/interviews from the Pakistani Adult population. CRIME-RISK MAPPING of the city will also be done on the basis of the obtained data of the sample.

Profile of Mood States (POMS): by McNair,D.M., Lorr,M. & Droppleman,L.F. (1981) shall be used to evaluate the mood of the respondents during the past week including the day of testing.POMS measures six identifiable mood or affective states which may correlate with the daily hassles & fear of crime both.

Quality of Life: A well-standardized and valid scale will be used (Com QoL-A5 by Cummins,R.A. 1997) to measure the Physical & mental health of the sample.

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