Project Information

Project title
Spirituality and well-being: A comparative study between university and theological college students
Wenda McPherson (Deakin University), supervised by Professor Robert Cummins
Project dates
Commenced March 2001
Anticipated completion November 2001
Nature of the project
Thesis research as part of Honours degree in Psychology
Brief description

Although the contribution of spirituality to subjective well-being has become a growing area of interest to researchers examining well-being in the human sciences, few studies have empirically examined the relationships between the constructs. The few studies that have considered the relationship have reported contradictory findings with several of the studies concluding that no apparent relationship is evident. The suggestion that personality as a significant predictor of subjective well-being and a major component in the system that maintains subjective well-being is explored. It is proposed that personality may not have been taken into consideration in previous studies and may well be an explanation for the inconsistent findings of the relationship. This cross-sectional study is investigating how well reported levels of spirituality in a population of mainstream university students as compared to a population of theological college students, can predict subjective well-being when the effects of personality are held constant.