Project Information

Project title
Quality of life within the community A focus on Neighbourhood Watch
Kathryn Heily (Supervised by Dr. Sandra Tunley)
Postal address
14 Wirrana st Quarry Hill 3552
Project dates
Commenced May 16, 2006
Anticipated completion Decmeber 1, 2006
Nature of the project
The thesis research is part of the requirements to be submitted for 4th year Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology at La Trobe University.
Brief description

The aim of the current study is the investigate quality of life within the community with regards to control, safety and the mediating effect of sense of community. There appears to be a lack of research in regards to quality of life and the Neighbourhood Watch scheme, which will also be investigated with respect to how much control and how safe residents feel in their community.

Primary householders aged 18 years and above will be randomly selected from the neighbourood in which they reside. Selection of households will be chosen based on their suburban location within Bendigo. This will include the Eaglehawk, Bendigo CBD and Kangaroo Flat regions. Questionnaires will contain demographic measures such as age, gender, time spent living in neighbourhood, awareness and involvement in the Neighbourhood Watch scheme. The Personal Wellbeing Index, Locus of Control and Sense of Community scales will also be included.

It is hypothesised that those with a high sense of quality of life will have a high sense of community, a high sense of internal locus of control and high sense of safety. It is also hypothesised that those with a high sense of quality of life will most likely be more aware of the Neighbourhood Watch scheme.