Project Information

Project title
Off to a Healthy Start: A longitudinal ethnographic study of health and settlement amongst newly arrived refugee youth
Professor Sandy Gifford (Deakin University), DR Ida Kaplan (Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture), and Dr. Daniel Reidpath (Deakin University)
Period of Grant
Victorian Health promotion Foundation
Brief description

This is a feasibility study that combines the methods of ethnography and social epidemiology to examine the contexts and processes that promote health and well being amongst newly arrived young refugees. The aim of this study is twofold. (a) To identify the key factors (or social determinants) that assist young people in making a healthy start in their new country. (b) To describe in-depth, the factors, contexts, settings and social processes that support, enhance and facilitate health and well being amongst this dislocated and traumatized population of youth.