Project Information

Project title
Palliative Care practices in high intensive transplant care units.
Cecelia Boyd
Postal address
PO Box 287, Kallangur, 4503
Project dates
Commenced 2002
Anticipated completion 2006
Nature of the project
PhD research thesis research
NHMRC student Scholarship
Brief description

The purpose of this study is to examine the experiences of the person and the adequacy of current models of care for the person awaiting transplantation and identify service care needs.

More specifically the objectives are to

  1. describe the physical, spiritual and psychological and social needs for people during the time of waiting for a transplant and how these change over time;
  2. identify predictors of physical and psychological wellbeing using the variables of patient demographics, personal and professional resources, length of time on the waiting list and transplant type; and
  3. explore the experiences of people waiting for a transplant within the health care service system.
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