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Project title
The impact of various forms of insecurity on personal well-being in the Australian population
Professor Alan Black (Edith Cowan University), Professor Robert A. Cummins (Deakin University), Dr Peter Kaldor ( NCLS Research), Keith Castle (Anglicare NSW), and Rev DR Philip J. Hughes (Christian Research Association)
Period of Grant
Brief description

This project will examine the characteristics, causes and correlates of various forms of insecurity in contemporary Australian society and will assess the extent to which insecurity impacts negatively on personal well-being. It will examine whether experiences of insecurity are subject to processes of homeostasis comparable to those found to operate in subjective well-being. It will also determine whether, and in what form, insecurity is a major factor in requests for assistance from non-government welfare agencies. The findings will inform the provision of welfare services and provide a basis for recommendations on public policy.