Past Projects

Subjective Well-Being and School Satisfaction of people with intellectual disability: Self-reports and parents’ estimations
Researchers: Sophia Sflakidou, Lefkothea Kartasidou, Maria Platsidou
Adolescent self report (ADA)
Researchers: Dra. Lilian Daset, PhD, María Eugenia Fernandez, Magister Diego García, Lic. Leandro Castelucco, Lic. Nina Peirano, Lic. Cecilia Lariau, Eugenia Díaz
The Relationship between Self-Perception of Wellbeing and Lifestyle Behaviours of Young Adults
Researchers: Ms Ernesta Paukste, Associate Professor Neil Harris, Dr Bernadette Sebar
An Evaluation of Community Attitudes to Intellectual Disability and the Quality of Life, Personal Wellbeing and Self Esteem of People with Intellectual Disability: Pre and Post Social integration
Researchers: Tom M. J. Burke, Cliona Flood (supervisor)
Attachment, social support, and quality of life
Researcher: Holly Melrose
Job Satisfaction and Subjective Well-Being among Midwifes - Cross-National Comparison
Principal researchers: Daniela Nedvedova and Darja Jarosova
Palmerston North Youth Happiness Survey Project
Researchers: C.J. Patrick (Pat) Nolan PhD
Selecting patient reported outcome measures for use in an integrative medicine clinic
Researchers: Dr. Jennifer Hunter, Prof. Stephen Leeder, Prof. Kerryn Phelps
Behavioural pathways to obesity: Understanding the role of physical activity and nutrition in weight gain among Australian adults
Kylie Ball (Deakin University), supervised by David Crawford
Palliative Care practices in high intensive transplant care units
Cecelia Boyd
Learning Improves in Networking Communities (LINC)
Dr Joanne Deppeler
The role of control in determining subjective well-being among obese women and women self-reporting disturbed eating behaviour
Sasha Gardiner-Crossley (Deakin University)
Quality of life within the community - A focus on Neighbourhood Watch
Kathryn Heily (Supervised by Dr. Sandra Tunley)
Impact of the Limbs of Hope Prosthetic Program on the Physical and Psychosocial Function of Victims of Uppere Extremity Amputation in Sierra Leone, West Africa
Jeffrey Johnson MS, Kim Kargbo RN, Matthew Oakes MS, Stephanie Oakes MS
Quality of life for people with multiple sclerosis
Professor Marita McCabe (Deakin University)
Children of chronically ill parents
David Morley (Institute of Neurology, University College London), supervised by Dr Marjan Jahanshahi
Seeking a Good Life: Human Goods and Sexual Offending
Mayumi Purvis (University of Melbourne), supervised by Professor Tony Ward
Social, cultural and environmental determinants of the burden of disease
Dr Daniel Reidpath (Deakin University), Dr Aka Kouamé (IFORD, Cameroon), Dr Pascale Allotey (University of Melbourne), Professor Robert Cummins (Deakin University)
Daily Hassles & fear of crime: Its impact on the quality of life among Adult population of Karachi City
Haider Rizvi (University of Karachi), Dr.Nazre Khalique (University of Karachi)
The quality of life of Mental Disability Patients
Researchers: Sonia Soto (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
To characterise the influences of a wilderness experience on the individual health and wellbeing among tour guests on Fraser Island
Miss Belinda Warren, Honours Research Student at University of the Sunshine Coast. Supervised by Dr Anne Neller and Dr Ron Neller
Improving the Contribution of Protected Areas to Quality of Life in Rural and Regional Communities
Matthew Wolnicki, principal supervisor Robyn Bushell
Talking to The Animals: matters of affect, attachment and bonding
Graduate Diploma Project, 2001. MARCS Auditory Laboratories, Sydney
The Impact of Huntington's Disease on the Quality of Life of Family Caregivers
Aimee Aubeeluck (University of Derby), supervised by Dr. Heather Buchanan
The impact of various forms of insecurity on personal well-being in the Australian population
Professor Alan Black (Edith Cowan University), Professor Robert A. Cummins (Deakin University), Dr Peter Kaldor ( NCLS Research), Keith Castle (Anglicare NSW), and Rev Dr Philip J. Hughes (Christian Research Association)
A new direction for Quality of Life: Evaluating the Comprehensive Quality of Life Scale as a measure of satisfaction and depression
Vanessa Cook, supervised by Professor Robert Cummins (Deakin University)
Subjective Quality of Life and Perceived Control in Carers of people with mental illness: Pre and post participation in an educational course
Rachel Cousins (Deakin University), supervised by Professor Robert Cummins
Relationships between self-esteem, control and optimism
Catherine Croft (Deakin University)
The role of the homeostatic model of subjective well being in individual's participating in a community-based methadone program
Rachael Freeland (Deakin University)
Off to a Healthy Start: A longitudinal ethnographic study of health and settlement amongst newly arrived refugee youth
Professor Sandy Gifford (Deakin University), Dr Ida Kaplan (Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture), and Dr. Daniel Reidpath (Deakin University)
The Quality of Life of People with MS and their Partners
Kylie King (Deakin University), supervised by Professor Robert Cummins
Rating Quality of Life in young children (3-8 years): evaluating the appropriate presentation and response formats
Miss Jo Lawford, supervised by Professor Christine Eiser
The relationship between primary and secondary control strategies and job satisfaction for people with low and high job control
Elise Maher (Deakin University)
Spirituality and well-being: A comparative study between university and theological college students
Wenda McPherson (Deakin University), supervised by Professor Robert Cummins
Determinants to the employment and retention of people with disabilities in the Western Australian Public Sector
Tulip Penney
Quality of life and health: A comparative study on Australian and Croatian people
Gorka Vuletic (Deakin University)
Development of a quality of life scale for dogs
Janina Wojciechowska, Caroline Hewson, Vianne Timmons, Norma Guy, Gary Patronek (University of P.E.I)
The Longitudinal Survey of Immigrants to Australia - Research Section of the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs
Researcher: Australian Immigration Research