ACQOL Members

The Australian Centre on Quality of Life brings together expertise from researchers and postgraduate students from a diverse range of areas. Below is a current list of our members and their interests within the field.

Common abbreviations

  • QoL: quality of life
  • HRQoL: health-related quality of life
  • SWB: subjective wellbeing
  • AQoL: assessment of quality of life / quality of life assessment


Assoc. Professor Zhumazhan Abdrakhmanov
Doctor, IKTU, medical faculty
Mrs Nur Fatihah Abdullah Bandar
PhD Candidate, Asia-Europe Institute, University of Malaya
I would like to expand research and focuses on QOl of Person with Disabilities. Comparative study Malaysia and Australia.
Dr Gboyega Emmanuel Abikoye
Clinical Psychologist and Lecturer , Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago - Iwoye, Ogun State, Nigeria
Caregivers' well-being and QoL, psychological intervention among chronically ill persons and their caregivers.
Dr Hisham Abu-Rayya
Dr Ed Adams
County Director, Washington State University Extension
Outreach education, evaluation.
Dr Jane Adams
Engagement Manager, IMS Health
Utility values, hrQoL.
Mrs Yufi Adriani
PhD student, Deakin University
Happiness, Quality of Life, Research
Mrs Sevil Agaoglu Yildiz
Pharmacist, Public Pharmacy in Turkey
Ms Mahnaz Ahangari
Supervisor of Physical Therapy Ward (M.S.), Shahid Beheshti Med. University
Elderly, QoL.
Ms Nazli Ahmad
Assistant Professor, Institute for Mentally Retarded Children, Chandigarh
While being a professional in the field of intellectual disability I feel now is the perfect time when we should talk about quality of life of persons with intellectual disability.
Dr Eliza Ahmed
Assistant Director, Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations
QoL, well-being (personal, workplace).
Mr Iqbal Ahmed
N.L.O, National academy of political awareness, pakistan.
Ms Pamela Aldridge
Dementia Educator , Alzheimers Australia SA
Wellbeing construct, measure for people with dementia QoL, person-centred care.
Alzheimers Australia
Miss Elham Amnz
Ms Stacey Jayne Anderson
Post Graduate Candidate and Tutor, James Cook University
Up to date research, well-being.
Ms Gloria Antonio
General Manager, Disability Services, Lifestyle Solutions (Aust) Ltd.
Mr Mufutau Aremu
Senior lecturer, Obafemi Awolowo Unversity
Dr (PhD) Benito Arias
Professor, Institute on Community Integration
Objective QoL, subjective QoL, intellectual and developmental disability, social services, aQoL.
Mr Victor B. Arias
Associate Teacher, University of Valladolid
Subjective and objective QoL, developmental and intellectual disabilities, aQoL.
Ms Pat Armitstead
Joyologist, Joyology
Joy, compassion, healthcare, wellbeing, engagement, happiness, multiple intelligences.
Ms Pauline Armour
Community Care Development Manager, UnitingCare Ageing NSW & ACT
Older people, people with disabilities, carers, disadvantaged communities.
Mr Seyed Aroos Sheriffdeen
University of Canberra
I am undertaking a research on how ict can contribute to improve quality of life.
Mrs Yana Arsyadi Leiper
Owner, Arsyadi and Font Raket Consulting
Dr Abdolrahim Asadollahi
Assistant Profesor, Assist Social Capital
Social well-being among aged, quality of society and life regarding elderly, civic engagement of older adults.
Mr Steve Auld
Principal, Bundarra Central School
Potential retirees, interested in advising students from school to retirement re life factors other than school exit marks and salaries.
Dr Andreja Avsec
Lecturer, University of Ljubljana
M.Sc. Nihat Ayceman
Lecturer, Akdeniz University
Complementary and alternative medicine, spa and fitness wellness, massage, natural therapies, sport.
The Massage and Natural Therapies Association
Mr Kojo Ayernor
MPhil Student, Regional Institute for Population Studies (RIPS), University of Ghana
Ageing, QoL.
Mr Salahuddien Ayob


PhD student/Lecturer/Researcher, University of Pretoria South Africa
Quality of life, happiness, resilence and hope research especially for the people living with HIV/AIDS
Professor Rajendra Prasad Bajpai
Visiting Professor, Sino Dutch Center of Personalised and Preventive Medicine
Holistic health indicators, biophotons, life. Every portions of the body of any human subject incessantly emit visible range photons. The emitted signal has a core quantum part and a peripheral classical part. The signal is continuous broadcast of the state of subject. The signal carry information about physiological and psychological states, and can provide indices for their measurements.
Ms Jo-Anne Baker
Counsellor / Life Coach, The Pleasure Spot
Health, healing, longevity.
Ms Jyoti Bala
Lecturer, M.M. college of nursing
Mr Alan Baldwin
Head of Dental Care, Australian Unity
Oral health related QoL, health related QoL, relationship between ohQoL and wellbeing.
Ms Linda Barclay
Lecturer, Occupational Therapy Department, Monash University
Ms Larisa Ariadne Justine Barnes
Research Clinician / Naturopath, Northern Rivers University Dept of Rural Health / Private Practice
Palliative care, prenatal health, postnatal health, optimising health and QoL throughout the lifespan.
Assoc. Professor Tony Barnett
Monash University
Older persons, rural, community.
Ms Pagan Barrett-Woodbridge
Manager, Performance Effectiveness, Department of Human Services
QoL, evaluation, disability, abuse and neglect, standards, surveys, tools and resources, resilience, social enterprise, positive psychology, measures.
Professor Christopher Beehner
Professor, Business and Information Management, Seminole State College of Florida
Workplace spirituality, QoL, quality of work life, voluntary simplicity.
Ms Kerstin Beise
Student, University Leeds
QoL for disabled people.
Mrs Rosalind Ben-Moshe
Laughlife Wellbeing Programs
Happiness research, health and happiness, social capital and health.
Mr David Bennett
Executive Coach, Coaching Student at Henley Business School
Wellbeing, coaching, community, fulfilment, resilience, self-awareness.
Dr Sharon Bentley
Senior Lecturer, School of Medicine (Optometry), Faculty of Health, Deakin University
Vision, optometry, ophthalmology, public health.
Mr David Berka
Student, Deakin University
Ms Anoo Bhopti
PhD Student / Research & Development Clinician, Monash University / Yooralla
Family QoL, families of children with a disability.
Mr Peter Bill
Program Coordinator, Crossroads Queensland
Ms Elizabeth Anne Bishop
CEO, St. John of God Accord
QoL, disability, population, satisfaction, reports, statistics, benchmark, family, services.
Dr Malachy Bishop
Professor, University of Kentucky
Chronic illness, disability, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy.
Mrs Margaret Bishop
Accommodation Manager, St. John of God Accord
Individualised, wants and needs.
Ms Silvia Blatter
QoL in adults with autism spectrum disorder, intelligence reduction.
Mrs Janette Boazman
Doctoral Candidate, University of Dallas
Personal wellbeing of gifted students.
Mr Bob Boyd
President, National Wellness Institute of Australia
QoL is a related concept to the wellness paradigm and as such important in my roles as wellness lecturer, workplace wellness consultant, wellness coach, chair nwi international wellness committee.
Mrs Cecelia Boyd Orford
PhD Student, QUT
QoL in people waiting for transplantation.
Ms Melissa Branagh
Writer / Journalist, MJB Communications
Health and wellbeing.
Ms Paula Bray
The Institute for Neuroscience and Muscle Research
QoL in children, chronic disease, measurement of QoL, electronic measurement of QoL, diary methods.
Mr Charles Brent
Human Resources Manager, Hanson
Contribution of work-life balance initiatives on discretionary effort, performance, organisational sustainability.
Ms Thea Katherine Bridgman
Student, Deakin University
SWB, happiness, laughter.
Mrs Lisa Broom
Lecturer, Monash University
Dr Ivan Brown
Professor, University of Toronto
Family QoL, intellectual disability.
Professor Roy Brown
Emeritus Professor , University of Calgary
Intellectual disability, developmental disability, quality of life measures, support, intervention, policy.
Ms Krystal Browne
Student , Deakin University
Wellbeing, developmental disabilities, autism, parenting.
Dr Amma Buckley
Research Fellow, Curtin University of Technology
Community research, land use change and wellbeing, wellbeing and the environment.
Dr Lea Budden
Senior Lecturer, James Cook University
Mr Tom M. J. Burke
Student, Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology
QoL, attitude change, self esteem, personal wellbeing, psychological wellbeing, intellectual/learning/cognitive disability.
Dr Sue Burney
Senior Lecturer, Monash University
QoL, research, cancer patients.
Dr Evelin Burns
Nursing research.
Dr Richard Burns
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Australian National University
Wellbeing, happiness.
ANU staff profile
Ms Jane Buschkens
PhD student, Associate Lecturer, James Cook University
Circadian rhythms, SWB, chronic stress, carers.


Mr Praveen C. S.
Research Scholar, Pondicherry University, India
Dr Inmaculada Calleja
Miss Nikki Cameron
Psychology Honours Student , Deakin University
Subjective wellbeing, personal wellbeing index.
Dr Helen Laura Cameron-Tucker
Physiotherapist, Research Fellow, Royal Hobart Hospital, University of Tasmania
Impact of chronic disease on QoL, Australian norms for QoL domains, how best to measure QoL.
Mrs Shelby Canterford
Demographer/Social Analyst, Geoscience Australia
Disaster, resilience, recovery.
Miss Tanja Capic
Student, Deakin University
Ms Linda Carpenter
Area Manager, Aspire, Southern Tasmania
Ppei workshop facilitator, mental health rehabilitation recovery, master rehabilitation counselling student, thesis QoL, psychosocial, social determinants.
Dr Susan Carruthers
Research Fellow, National Drug Research Institute
AQoL, chronic disease, hepatitis c, injecting drug use, mental health.
Ms Minna Chand
Psychologist APA member.Coach/Tutor, Charles Darwin University
M Satish Chandramadhav
Consulting Advisor & Therapist, Institute of Psychodynamics
Psychologist, hypnotherapist, counsellor.
Mr Khairudin Che Tak
PhD Student, University of Malaya, Malaysia
SWB, life satisfaction, happiness, malay culture.
Ms Maria Chow
PhD Candidate, University of Sydney
Acute illness, immunisation, questionnaire development.
National Centre for Immunisation Research & Surveillance
Mr David Christian
Manager, WISE Community Investment, WISE Employment
Ms Deb Chumbley
Aged care, disability.
Dr Samantha Clarke
Lecturer, Clinical Psychology, University of the Sunshine Coast
Research, student support, access to resources for teaching.
Dr Kay Cook
Senior Research Fellow, Deakin University
Poverty, welfare, single parents, policy analysis, stigma, social inequalities, social policy.
Deakin staff profile
Dr Daniel Costa
Research associate, lecturer, School of Psychology, University of Sydney
Mrs Jo-Anne Coughlan
Service Manager (in aged care) and Post Grad student
Working and studying in aged care.
Mr Justin Coulson
PhD Candidate, University of Wollongong
Parenting, SWB, calling, character strengths, eudaimonia.
Happy Families
Ms Lyn Courtney
PhD Student / Lecturer, James Cook University
Psychosocial wellbeing, holistic wellbeing, baby boom career women, Australian baby boomers.
Ms Shelley Anne Cowden
PhD Scholar, Deakin University
Yoga, health & wellbeing, lifestyle, eastern philosophy, mental health, cultural practices, globalisation.
Mr Philip Cox
Wellbeing, happiness, existential.
Mr Graeme Craig
Senior Manager, Service Development, Vision Australia
Measuring quality, service outcomes, QoL indicators.
Ms Carol Craigie
Master of Psychology Student, Monash University
Research in subjective wellbeing.
Dr Madeline Cruice
Senior Lecturer / Clinical Educator, City University London
Wellbeing, communication disability, stroke, rehabilitation, speech pathology, measurement, qualitative, interview.
Mrs Angela Cullen
Adults with an intellectual disability who live in a group home.
Professor Robert Ashley Cummins
Professor of Psychology, Deakin University
QoL, subjective wellbeing, happiness.
Deakin staff profile


Mrs Margaret Daly
Occupational Therapist, Royal North Shore Hospital Sydney
Dr Melanie Davern
University of Melbourne
SWB, affect, personality, religiosity.
Mr Harry George Davey
Student, Hurlstone agricultural highschool
Curious, interested, contributive, willing, educating.
Ms Kim Davis
Career Coach and Trainer, Ironbark Employment, Darwin
Researching QoL in indigenous australians.
Ms Helen Dawson
Honours Student, University of Sydney
Dr Marian De Souza
Senior Lecturer/Editor, Journal of Religious Education, Australian Catholic University
Spirituality and education, intercultural education, interreligious education, transmission of cultural values in pluralist societies, lifelong learning.
Dr Caroline De Vries
Psychiatry Registrar, Hunter New England Mental Health
Mrs Nadine Dean
QoL in disability work.
Dr Prakash (Sanju) Deenapanray
Research Analyst, Ecological Living In Action (ELIA)
QoL, SWB, ecological economics, sustainability indicators.
Dr D. Dhanapal
Honorary Director, Geo Resource Centre
Research, project proposals, project implementation, development works, policy advocacy, gender, ict, biodiversity, energy, environment, water management, education.
Ph.D. thesis
Dr Ashley Di Battista
Psychologist, clin.neuropsych. registrar, researcher, University of Melbourne, MCRI
Subjective well being, traumatic brain injury, youth.
Professor Dale Dinnel
Professor of Psychology, Western Washington University
Subjective and psychological well-being, positive emotions, QoL, cultural variation.
Dr Anjli Doshi
Deputy Director General (Policy), National Population and Family Development Board, Malaysia
Family, QoL, wellbeing, family strengths.
Dr Jennifer Doyle
Mr Thomsd Drage
Assistant Professor, University of Graz
Dr Vanita Dua
Psychologist/counselor, Sadhu Vaswani International School for Girls, New Delhi, India
QoL, working women, intellectual disability, psychology.
Mr Craig Duckmanton
Wellbeing Co-Ordinator, Australian Unity - Retirement Services
Mr Gordon Duff
General Manager, Policy and Research, National Disability Services
Application to disability policy and practice
Dr Marina Dyakovich
Institute of Occupational Health & Human Ecology, Angarsk, Russia
HrQoL of patients with occupational neurointoxication, their disability, psychological and social problems.
Bc. Andrea Dzurova
I'm student and i need more information about quality of life.
Mr Richard Dzwonkowski
Vocational Counsellor , Melbourne Citymission


Ms Kathleen Earle
Founder / Creative Director, Custodians Garden
Eco-social wellbeing, holistic healthcare, custodianship of the earth.
Ms Liz Edge
Counsellor, NMIT
Women's health, body image, resiliency, optimism, relationships, communication.
Ms Laura Edney
Student, Adelaide University
PhD Student Luke Einerson
RA/TA, Texas Tech University
Financial satisfaction, quality of life, SWB.
Mr Ahmed El Bialy
Researcher , The Institute of Environmental Studies and Sciences - Ain Shams University
Mrs Vicky Ellam-Dyson
Follower satisfaction, team cohesion, effective leadership.
Mr Michael Emru
I am an instructor in a university in Ethiopia. I am also about to conclude my master's degree in social work. For the purpose of this master's degree, I am conducting a research which is about martial arts and adolescents' well-being.
Dr Graham Engel
QoL, post retirement, elderly.
Mrs Lesley Ervin
Social Worker, Barwon Health
Mrs Carolyn Evans
Managing Director, ThinkEvans Pty. Ltd., ThinkEvans
Wellbeing, research, prosperity, index, work/life balance, employment.
Mr Lionel Glenn Evans
Research Worker, Central Queensland University
Wellbeing and QoL, rural/remote issues, farming communities and disability.


Mr Rasoul Fadaee
Dr Giulio Fanton
Head of Rehabilitation Care Unit, Centro Polifunzionale Don Calabria, Italy
Dr (PhD) Muhammad Shahid Farooq Chaundry
Lecturer / Doctoral Student in Education, Institute of Education and Research, University of the Punjab, Pakistan / Institute of Science of Educational Practices and Training, University of Lyon, France
Inclusive education, learning styles, cognitive styles, quality education, research in educational problems.
Professor Joseph Fattal Junior Fattal
Palestrante / Consultor / Coordenador, CIVI- Centro de Valorização e integração do idoso.
QoL, lecturing in Australia, QoL around the world.
Ms Rachel Feeney
Research Officer, PhD candidate, The University of Queensland
Health related quality of life of young old children: The contribution of speech/language, child and family factors.
Mr Rafael Pablo M. Fernando
President / Founder, Integral Transformation Group, Inc.
Total quality management, iso standards, organic agriculture, good governance and institutional management.
Mr Sebastian Filep
Research Fellow in Wellness Tourism and Wellbeing, Centre for Tourism and Services Research, Victoria University
Positive psychology in tourism, spa and wellness tourism, QoL and wellbeing in tourism.
Professor Judith Finn
Professor (Research), University of South Australia
HrQoL, hrQoL after critical illness, hrQoL after cardiac arrest.
Mrs Jennifer Fleischer
Project Manager, Gov - DEECD
Future, fulfilment, awareness, happiness.
Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA)
Ms Lisa Formosa
Candidate of a Research Masters in Psychology, Deakin
Positive youth development, life satisfaction, wellbeing, student.
Ms Deborah Fox
M.Sc. (Midwifery and Women's Health), University Central Lancashire (UCLAN), UK
Normal birth, midwifery continuity of care, collaborative maternity care.
Ms Ronit Fraid
Doctoral Student, Deakin University
Miss Camilla Franklin
Honours Student, Deakin University
SWB, resilience, risk factors for homeostatic defeat.
Ms Ayanna Frederick
Student, The University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT)
Quality of life, QoL research, subjective well-being.


Mrs Laura Gómez
Teaching Assistant, Institute on Community Integratio
Individual QoL, aQoL, subjective QoL, objective QoL, intellectual disabilities, social service recipients.
Ms Lisa Gardiner
Senior Consultant, SAL Consulting
QoL cross sectorial, organisational, clinical and learning.
Ms Rita Adriana Gargiulo
Student of Master of Psychology (Clinical), Deakin University
SWB, mood disorders, gender issues.
Dr Caleb Ademola Gbiri
Neurophysiotherapist, College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Nigeria
Neurology, Mental Health, Well-being, Functional Performance, Societal integration.
Mr Caleb Ademola Gbiri
Neuro-Physiotherapist / Research Fellow, Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria
Neurodevelepmental, public health, neurological condition, health promotion, psychiatry, rehabilitation, QoL.
Ms Julie George
Life Enquirer
Giving more, taking less, making sense, keeping life simple.
Dr Atefeh Ghanbari
Assistant Professor, Guilan Medical Science University
QoL in all diseases especially gastro intestinal and skin, QoL in any kinds of cancer and breast cancer, construction of different questionnaires about QoL in different cultures.
Dr Azza Ghonem
Down's syndrome, intellectual disabilities, QoL, health promotion, physical activity.
Mrs Helen Giggins
Owner/ Director, Private Practice
Empowerment, growth, health, connections, education, support, knowledge, development, positive, achievable, people, purpose. I have a history in working as a social worker and counselor around identity and quality of life for a diverse population. I look forward to being able to increase my knowledge and share my experiences with like minded professionals so that I may continue to provide opportunities of empowerment to clients and communities as they increase their quality of life.
Dr Narayan Gopalkrishnan
Lecturer and Course Coordinator, Social Work and Human Services, James Cook University
Integrative Medicine, Complementary Approaches to Health, Mental Health, Migrants and Refugees.
Ms Claudia Gorecki
Research Fellow, University of Leeds
HrQoL, patient-reported outcomes, psychometrics, health outcomes methodology.
Dr Suzy Green
Co-Founder, Positive Psychology Institute
Ms Lucy Gries
Student, Monash University
Mr Carsten James Grimm
Postgraduate Student, University of Canterbury
Positive psychology, orientations to happiness, experience sampling, psychological health and flourishing.
Ms Ekaterina Grishina
Postgraduate Student, Moscow State University
Strategy planning for QoL improvement, ecology, health, personal development.
katin_ecoblog Livejournal
Mrs Rebecca Gumb
Business Assurance Manager, integratedliving
M.A. Natalia Guminska
PhD student, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Special Education - Department of Special Psychopedagogy in Torun, Poland
AQoL, people with autism in society, measuring quality of life of people with autism
Mrs Asanka Gunasekara
PhD student, Swinburne University
I have used the index to measure life satisfaction of Sri Lankan and indian skilled migrants living in Australia.
Mr Lindsay Gutsell
Psychotherapist, Marinoto Clinic
Developing skills in assessment and scales


Mrs Flurina Hain
Ms Vivienne Halat
Mental health, social circus, art therapy.
Mr Tariq Hameed Alvi
Assistant Professor, Department of Management Sciences COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Lahore
Religion, spirituality, QoL, ethics.
Ms Anne Hammond
Interaction of employee wellbeing (individual/team) and organisational wellbeing (strategic considerations), holistic approach to mental and physical wellbeing.
Ms Kathryn Hammond
Wellbeing, workplace.
Mr Thomas Hammond
Graduate Student, Deakin University
Mr Ashiru Hamza Mohammad
PhD candidate, Center for Population Health, University of Malaya, Malaysia
Impact, determinants, hrQoL, stroke survivors, wellbeing.
Ms Grace Hancock
Student, Deakin University
Psychology, wellbeing, mental health, enjoyment, opportunity, support.
Mrs Sue Hanley
Work life balance, career choice, coaching.
Ms Zena Hanna
Occupational Therapist
Understanding how to create wellbeing and use that to influence individuals and society in the choices the take everyday.
Dr Martin William Harris
Lecturer in Rural Health, University of Tasmania
Thriving, transition, dislocation, mental health, refugees.
University Department of Rural Health (UDRH)
Mrs Linda Hartley-Clark
PhD Candidate, Deakin University
SWB, depression, interpersonal relationships.
Mr Shukir Hasan
PhD student, College of Nursing
Deakin University
Dr Marge Hauritz
Manager, Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and Multicultural Affairs
Subjective, wellbeing, community, data, aboriginal.
Mr Ash Hauser
Director, Life Pilot Pty. Ltd.
More evolved perspective, redefine success, true happiness.
Ms María Paz Hauser
Licenciada en Psicología, Psicología del Trabajo, Universidad Nacional de San Luis
Assoc. Professor Graeme Hawthorne
Principal Research Fellow, University of Melbourne
QoL research, QoL scales and instruments, the mental health of populations, mental health and program evaluation.
Mental Health Evaluation Unit
Mr Laurie Haynes
Specialist Clinical Psychologist, Geographe Psychology Services
Client wellbeing, work-life balance, stress management.
Al Hazen
Judaica Store
Dr Giti Hemmatirad
Researcher and Assistant professor, Payam Nour University
Mental health in students.
Dr Elizabeth Hensel
Research Fellow, University of Birmingham, UK
Learning disability, happiness, subjective QoL.
Mr Royce Hernandez
Head, Testing Office, De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde
Psychometrics, clinical psychology, educational psychology, test development, SWB.
Ms Susan Heyes
PhD candidate, Flinders University, SA
Life, death, urinary, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, partners, families & carers, end of life, nurse, health, psychology, treatment. Equality of health, care, facilities, and resources to allow all patients and their families, quality of life through illness, survivorship or death.
Ms Tracey Higlett
Dr Arifin Bin Hj Zainal
Chairperson / Assoc. Professor, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Ms Esmé Holmes
Holistic Psychotherapist
Holistic, positive ageing, community, connectedness, population health, spirituality, indigenous.
Ms Krystine Horfiniak
Deakin University
SWB, elite athletes, coping, resilience.
Dr Severin Hornung
Assistant Professor, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Quality of working life, flexible work arrangements, occupational stress, psycho-social wellbeing and job performance.
Ms Joy Hosking
Executive Director, The Friendship Foundation Limited
Partnership, QoL study, competencies, carers, self-managed chronic care plans.
Mr Robin Howat
Lecturer, University of Western Sydney
Music therapy, aged care, well being, evaluation, research.
Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy
Ms Morgen Hughes
Project Officer, Sexual Assault Support Service (SASS)
AcQoL's application to individuals who have experienced sexual assault.
Timo Hujanen
Researcher, CHESS (Centre for Health and Social Economics), National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL)
Cost-effectiveness, outcomes of health services, elderly care, proxy assessment, hrQoL instruments, algorithms.
Dr Jennifer Hunter
University of Sydney
Ms Vicki Hutton
PhD Candidate, Monash University
Hiv, stigma, companion animals.


Dr Stanley Igwe
Cosultant Psychiatrist, Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital Maiduguri, Nigeria
Ms Sally Imeson
PhD Student, Griffith University
Work life balance, food and sport-stress management.
Mrs Mª Jesús Irurtia
University of Valladolid - Department of Psychology
QoL, aQoL.
University of Valladolid staff profile
Dr Kym Irving
Financial planning and well-being, economic psychology,psychological well-being.
Mr Ismahalil Ishak
Researcher, National Population and Family Development Board
Understanding the SWB.
Dr Oehler-Sincai Iulia Monica
Senior researcher, Institute for World Economy, Romanian Academy


Mr Luke Jankie
Mr Aaron Jarden
Lecturer in Psychology
Wellbeing, happiness, flourishing, values.
Associate Professor Darja Jarosova
Head of Department of Nursing and Midwifery, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ostrava
Research SWB.
Jayaram Jayaram
Caregiver / Professor, SRMV CAS
Mrs Rita Jenkins
Mrs Louise Jespersen
PhD Student, National Institute of Public Health
Dr Reza Johari Fard
Researcher , Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg, Germany
Clinical psychologist, specialist in psychosomatic medicine & psychotherapy.
Dr Cara Jones
State Services Authority
SWB, QoL, assessment of wellbeing, policy uses of wellbeing measures.
Mrs Janice Jones
Lecturer and Program Coordinator (B.Ed.), University of Southern Queensland
Wellbeing, education, indigenous knowledges, spirituality, nature deficit disorder, creativity, nature, play, teaching and learning, futures, thirdspace, the third space, restorative environments, narrative, holistic learning.


Mr Akram Kalule
Project Manager, Action to Positive Change on People with Disabilities in Uganda, Africa
Dr Suneetha Kandi
Assistant Professor (Counsellor), MVGR Collge of Engineering
Enhance student QoL, maximising potentials.
Mr Jahanvash Karim
Mr Harry Karoo
Director , Crawshaw Hall Medical Centre and Nursing Home
Evaluation of quality care services provision in nursing home for physical/medical disabilities age over 18 years. Dementia and associated mental disability.
Mrs Anastasia Kastanaki
Clinical Psychologist, Psychooncology Center, State Mental Health Hospital of Chania, Crete, Greece
Psycho-oncology, suicides, psychology.
Dr Virginia Kaufman Hall
Assistant director research and evaluation , Commonwealth dept Families, Housing, Communities and Indigenous Affairs
Indigenous activities, monitoring and evaluation, Council of Australian Governments. researching Interplay between education employment health and wellbeing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander wellbeing framework with CRC for Remote Economic Participation.
Ms Satpal Kaur
Lecturer, International Medical University (IMU) Sdn Bhd
Student stress, QoL of students, employees, psychiatric patients and the caregivers, workplace stress.
Mr Ehsan Kazemi
Manager, Life quality institute
Research, teaching.
Mr John Kearney
Student , Charles Sturt Universtity
QoL across the life span, SWB, positive psychology.
Miss Sabrina Kelaart
Honours Student, Deakin University
Honours thesis, own personal knowledge and growth. I am working with Professor Robert Cummins on my honours thesis and would like to familiarize myself more with the research initiatives for Quality of Life and Subjective Wellbeing Studies.
Mr Tim Kelly
Graduate student, Deakin University
Dr Michaela Kennedy
How best to evaluate whether a person believes they have a good quality of life.
Dr Wendy L. Kennedy
Senior Associate, Quality Life Australia
SWB, perceived control, and adaptation specifically towards health, life transitions, loss, and relationships.
Ms Maree Keynes
Quality and Program Development Officer, Anglicare
Dr Aqeel Khan
Senior Lecturer, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Dr Sufiana Khatoon
Assistant Professor, National University of Modern Languages (NUML) Islamabad Pakistan
Curriculum and instruction, teacher education and development, reflective practice
Dr Leigh Kibby
Meaning and purpose, spirituality, values, morals and ethics.
Mr Paul Kimber
Student, Deakin University
SWB, Depression, Mood Disorders.
Mr Gordon William Arthur King
Student, Charles Sturt University
Useful resource, networking, impetus for change, information dissemination, policy development, common equitable future. I believe that quality of life is influenced factorily from the moment of conception to the moment of death. Quality of life can be achieved, both on a personal and on a communal basis, through an holistic approach that encompasses physical, spiritual, economic, mental, environmental and social wellbeing.
Dr Susan Jane King
Researcher, Deakin / Knox Community Health Services
QoL tools, chronic illness samples, amphetamines and impact on QoL, substance abuse, motor neurone disease, oral health, type 1 diabetes.
Ms Tatyana Kiseleva
PsyD candidate, Immaculata University, PA, USA
Ms Elaine Kite
Aboriginal Research Fellow, South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute
Australian Aboriginal, Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, Indigenous Australian.
Mrs Ruth Knight
Director, Zark Consultancy
Health and wellbeing, surveys, change, culture.
Mrs Elena Konovalov
PhD Student, James Cook University
Objective and subjective wellbeing, community wellbeing, tourism impact.
Dr Pieter J Kriel
Consultant, PKE Consulting
Change management, quality of work life, evolutionary psychology.
Ms Inga Kristoffersen
Lecturer, UWA business school
SWB and economics.
Mrs Chitra Ravi Kumar
Lecturer, College of Nursing
Research, doctoral program, literature review.


Miss Justine La
Student, Deakin
I am a 4th year psychology student involved in a research project to do with subjective well being this year.
Dr Ching-han Lufanna Lai
Lecturer, Lingnan Institute of Further Education, Hong Kong
Subjective wellbeing, subjective wellbeing and religion, subjective wellbeing and culture.
Professor Miguel Landa Blanco
Professor for Resarch Methods in Psychology classes , UNAH
Subjective Wellbeing in rural municipalities of Honduras
Ms Jill Lane
Consultant, LDC Group
Quality improvement, outcome measurement, consultation with service users, knowledge and skill development, evaluation methods and tools.
Dr Anna Lay Ding Lau
QoL, SWB, cross-cultural measurements and investigations, general and specific populations e.g. elderly, children, disability.
Dr Udi Lebel
Senior Lecturer, Ariel University Center
Loss, bereavement, trauma, civil-military relations, political psychology.
Mr Eric Leung
University of Wales
Mrs Alexandra Lewer
SaLT, SABP NHS Foundation Trust
Learning disabilities, communication, eating and drinking.
Mr Stefan Lindsay
Statistial Analyst (Subject Matter), Statistics New Zealand
Subject matter, statistics New Zealand general social survey, general social survey, nz gss, social psychology.
New Zealand General Social Survey
Ms Moi Yieng Ling
Student, Deakin University
Research data and outcomes.
Mr Richard Lombard-Vance
PhD Student, Dublin City University
Cognition, amputation, QoL, community participation.
Professor Violeta Lopez
Director, Research Centre for Nursing and Midwifery, Australian National University
QoL, hrQoL, psychometric validation, translation, cancer patients, psycho-oncology, qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods, caregivers.
ACT Government Health
Ms Rachael Lorenz
Provisional psychologist, Australian Catholic University
Pwi-a, aboriginal, indigenous, australians, forensic, psychology.
Ms Katherine Louise
Student, Deakin University
Mr Prince Love
Ms Karen Lowe
General Manager (Quality), Jewish Care Victoria
Residential aged care, holocaust survivors, disability, healthy ageing.
Mr Trevor Lunn
PhD student, Deakin University
HrQoL, personality ffm, elderly, osteoporosis, bone strength, strength training, falls resistance.
Ms Alyse Lynch
Occupational Therapy Student, University of South Australia
Giving A Voice. IDAA is a community housing service for individuals with an intellectual disability. We are implementing a project at IDAA which aims to increase tenant engagement and provide IDAA with feedback on their housing and quality of life.


Ms Lauren MacTaggart
Student, Deakin University
Research, SWB.
Dr Bello Arkilla Magaji
PhD Candidate, Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Methodology (development and validation of instruments), hrQoL, cancer.
Ms Sylvana Mahmic
Student, UWS
Research, children with disabilities, families.
Professor David Manier
Assoc. Professor, Lehman College - City University of New York
Stress, college adjustment, happiness, cross-cultural research.
Staff profile
Ms Jillian Marchant
PhD Student, James Cook University
Social empowerment.
Dr (PhD) Schäfers Markus
Researcher, TU Dortmund University, Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences
Disability, inclusion, capabilities, QoL and icf, QoL and disability, QoL and quality of services, methodological issues.
Professor John Martin
Director, Centre for Sustainable Regional Communities, LaTrobe University
Local governance, rural development, regional development, community development.
Centre for Sustainable Regional Communities
Mr Mike Martin
Economics of wellbeing.
Mr Craig David Martini
Mr Donatus Klaudius Marut
Executive Director, International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development (INFID)
Quality of life and decentralisation, social welfare indicator and district government, sustainable development goals, millennium development goals.
Dr Nicole Mazur
Adjunct Research Fellow, Charles Sturt University - Institute for Land, Water & Society
Social research, climate change, public policy, natural resource management, environmental management, community engagement.
Dr Trevor Mazzucchelli
Clinician, researcher.
Dr Janette McDougall
Researcher, Thames Valley Children's Centre
QoL, children, youth, health measurement, child development, child health, disability, icf.
Ms Anne McGenniss
Teacher, Chisholm Institute of TAFE
Promoting well being and flourishing in changing and dynamic work place environments.
Mr Duncan McKimm
Economist, AECgroup
A private sector firm, providing consulting assessment of wellbeing. Interested in developing robust methodologies for assessing wellbeing and areas of disadvantage.
Dr Kennedy McLachlan
Senior Lecturer
HrQoL, assessment issues.
Ms Jodie McNair
Research Manager, Verso Consulting
Mr Terence McSweeney
Recreation Manager, COPE Foundation
My job requires me to ensure that clients with intellectual disabilities have access to inclusive leisure, recreation, physical activity and sports.
Assoc. Professor Keith Raymond McVilly
Principal Research Fellow, Deakin University
Intellectual & developmental disability, social relationships & friendship, challenging behaviour & restrictive practices, human rights, forensic populations, family QoL.
Mrs Vijayshri Mehtha
Lecturer, JSPM
Women empowerment, entrepreneurship, statistics.
Miss Holly Melrose
Honours student (Psychology), Australian College of Applied Psychology
Mental health, attachment, coping, relationships, social support.
Creative Nutrition
Dr Bekir Fatih Meral
Assist. Prof. Dr. , Department of Special Education, Sakarya University
I worked with Ann Turnbull and Rud Turnbull on Family Quality of Life as research scholar, and also this topic was my doctoral dissertation.
Ms Jasmine Micklem
ENT Research Assistant, Royal Adelaide Hospital
HrQoL, aboriginal people's QoL, head and neck cancer patients.
Femke Migerode
Phd Student, University of Ghent
Ms Barbara Miller
Consulting Psychologist, Potential Unlimited
Positive psychology, strengths based approaches to success and happiness, creativity, resilience and wellbeing. Provide evidence based psychological interventions for business people through coaching to develop strengths and wellbeing in a balanced lifestyle.
Ms Anjani Millet
President / Chief Happiness Officer, Gross National Happiness World Project
Ms Christina Mills
PhD Candidate, University of Western Australia
Phd research.
Ms Reza Mirsoleymani
Student, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran
Mr Krishna Kumar Mishra
Research Scholar, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA
Urban-rural differences in QoL.
Dr Sunil Mishra
Director, Samadhan Counselor and Therapist
Migraine, self improvement, consciousness, graphology.
Ms Joanna Mitchell
Clinical Psychologist / PhD Candidate, Monash University
Positive psychology, wellbeing, wellbeing measures, applied research, interventions.
Mrs Leith Mitchell
Teleworking & wellness.
Dr Nancy Mock
Co-Director, Tulane University's Disaster Resilience Leadership Academy
Wellbeing instruments, disaster resilience, psychosocial impacts of disasters.
Mr Momtchil Momtchilov
Fitness and Lifestyle Consultant, MYPT
Health, wellness, lifestyle, psychology, research, best practices, professional network, news.
Dr David Morley
Senior Project Lead, University of Oxford
Mr Timothy Morrissey
Course Coordinator (Welfare Studies), Australian Learning, Training & Education Centre (ALTEC)
Education, welfare, community services, counselling.
Mrs Nicola Morrow
Research, commissioning.
Mr Saeed Muhammad
Senior Teacher, Doctoral Student, Institute of Physically Handicapped Children
Special education, QoL, needs help of seniors in the field of QoL.
Dr Ann Mulder
Postdoctoral Researcher, Southern Cross University
Wellbeing, stress, mental health, disability, autism, student health, workforce health, QoL.
Dr Torooti Mwirigi
Student, Strathmore University
QoL, heart disease, health, hypertension, low-income countries.


Ms Premi Naidoo
Speech and Language Therapy and Audiology Manager
Impact of disability associated with neurological, respiratory and age related communication disorders on participation and QoL.
Mr Siddharth Nair
Mr Peter Nicholls
Lifestyle Mentor, Australia's People Gardener
Wellbeing, personal growth, mental health, resilience, stress management, work life balance, passions, talents. I have a passion for what makes people tick in pursuing leisure/recreation interests and the many benefits of such positive human behaviour to work satisfaction, professional development and the achievement of personal goals and potential.
Dr Fiona Nichols
Senior Research Officer, Combined University Centre for Rural Health, Geraldton, Western Australia
Indigenous, inclusion, community, celebrating multiculturalism, participatory action research.
Student Zaib Un Nisa
Student, University of Karachi
Behavior and humanistic approach.
Student Zaib Un Nisa
Student, University of Karachi
Behavior and humanistic approach
Dr Karl Nunkoosing
Principal Lecturer, Dept of Psychology, University of Portsmouth
Disability studies.
Mr Christian Nwafor
Student, University of Nigeria Nsukka


Dr Catherine O'Brien
Assistant Professor, Cape Breton University
Sustainable happiness, children's wellbeing, built environment, education.
Sustainable Happiness
Mr Martin O'Connor
Senior Clinical Psychologist, Brothers of Charity Services, Ireland
Intellectual disability, family QoL, validity and reliability of QoL instruments, QoL/work of staff in human services.
Ms Carol O'Dwyer
Behaviour Support Practitioner, Department of Human Services
For practical use; assessments and improvement and contemporary research.
Dr Siobhain O'Riordan
Visiting Fellow, Coaching Psychology Unit, City University, UK
Coaching psychology, coaching, life transitions, wellbeing, happiness, health, ageing, coping.
Dr Ansa Ojanlatva
Docent, University of Turku
Sexual health promotion, sexuality, QoL.
Mr Erik Okerstrom
Director, Australian Survey Research Group
Research services, online surveys, survey services, research consulting.
Mr Jeremy Olson
Social Science Researcher
Spinal cord injury, strategies of control, subjective QoL.
Mr Majid Omidi Khankahdani
Educator, Payamnoor University and Azad University
Quality of life specialty family quality of life.
Ms Soheila Omidnia
Researcher, Ministry of Health
Ms Sandra Oniga
Support Worker
Dr Kevin Orrman-Rossiter
Director, Clarity Now Pty. Ltd.
Philosophy of mind, wellbeing, happiness studies, positive psychology, decision making, learning.
Dr Magued Osman
Chairman, Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC)
Wellbeing index.
Dr Lloyd Owen
Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Social Work and Social Policy, LaTrobe University
Youth welfare, family welfare, youth homelessness, out of home care, international social development, sustainable society.


Dr Prasadarao P.S.D.V.
Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Waikato Hospital
QoL, dementia, mental health.
Dr (PhD) Jose Pais-Ribeiro
Professor, Porto University
Professor Stephen Palmer
Director, Coaching Psychology Unit, City University, UK
Wellbeing, health education, coaching, stress, QoL, coaching psychology, positive psychology, stress management, stress prevention, stress psychophysiology, anxiety, depression, happiness, strengths, health promotion, assessment of wellbeing, assessment, research.
Professor Epaminondas Panas
Professor, Athens University of Economics and Business
Wellbeing index.
Dr Bonnie Pang
Lecturer, University of Western Sydney
Education, Public Health, Medical Sociology.
Eleni Papadioti
MC Special Education
QoL, healthy children, siblings of children with special needs.
Ms Megan Parsons
Service Development manager, Karingal Inc.
QoL indicators and measures, quantitative vs qualitative measures, QoL research with people with disabilities.
Dr Natia Partskhaladze
QoL of children in different forms of family substitute care.
Ms Ernesta Paukste
PhD Candidate, School of Public Health, Griffith University
Shrikant Pawar
Lecturer in Pharmacology, Smt. Kashibai Navale College of Pharmacy
HrQoL in indian populations.
Ms Elizabeth Jane Michelle Pearson
Occupational Therapy Head of Department, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
Palliative care, instrument.
Miss Jessica Penhallow
PhD Student, University of Birmingham
I am researching Quality of Life in adults/adolescents with genetic disorders associated with Intellectual Disability
Dr Manuel Pereira Teixeira
Ms Carol Peterson
Disability, aged, measurement, health.
Ms Ekaterina Petetskaya
Policy, planning, culture, community, QoL.
Mr Nattawat Phaophoo
QoL for improving rural development, improving QoL for sustainable development.
Mr Ireneusz Pieszynski
researcher, Medical University of Lodz, Clinic of Rehabilitation
Dr Michoń Piotr
Assistant Professor, Department of Labour and Social Policy, The Poznań University of Economics
Comparisons and wellbeing, theory of utility and happiness, individuals' wellbeing.
Mr Steaphen Pirie
Director, Belief Institute
Beliefs, belief-systems, betterment, health, wellbeing, quantum physics, congruent frameworks, intuition, nonlocal awareness, key principles, belief institute, belief-systems consultancy, creativity, innovation, insights, the toa, belief-systems analysis, possibilities, solutions, answers.
Ms Jeanette Pope
Research Manager, Department of Planning and Community Development
Mrs Geeta Pradeep
Phd Student, RMIT
HrQoL, type 2 diabetes, pharmacist.
Ms Helen Praeger
Director, New Image PR
QoL, statistics, research, business, happiness, satisfaction, productivity.
Mr Rumesh Priyadarshana
Student, University of Colombo
Healthy life.
Mrs Flavia Rimoli Prospero
Healthy Settings Coordinator Cardinia Shire Council, Quality of Life Approaches in Health
Wellness, open spaces, equity, prevention, health promotion.


Mr Marc Jason Quejada
Student, Universidad De Manila


Ms Shanthi Ramanathan
Research Fellow, Hunter Valley Research Foundation
Australian unity wellbeing index, developments in measuring wellbeing, networking, conferences.
Mrs Rarani Azuwardi Rara
Student, Sultan syarif qasim university
Ms Melissa Raven
Happiness, psychological distress, social determinants of health.
Miss Madeleine Rayner
Student, Deakin University
Miss Madeleine Rayner
Student, Deakin University
Ms Robyn Reeves
Chief Executive Officer, Ballarat Community Health
Health, wellbeing, QoL, mental health.
Dr Fergus Reilly
Co-owner of a Natural Therapies clinic in Maleny we are leading providers in Practical, Natural Quality of Healthcare which is, in our opinion, the most important facet of lifecare.
Professor Jeff Ralph James Richardson
Foundation Director, Centre for Health Economics, Monash University
AQoL, hrQoL, health system, social objectives, personal preferences, health services research.
Mr Michael Patrick Ringland
Executive Coach
Executive coaching, personal coaching, adult education.
Dr David Ritchie
Higher Education Consultant, NMAS Accredited Mediator
Mr Laurie Rivers
Researcher, CRC_Remote Economic Participation
Wellbeing, indicators of wellbeing, regional wellbeing, regional development, sustainable development.
Dr Mandy Robbins
Senior Lecturer, Glyndwr University
Psychology of religion, individual differences, work related psychological health.
Ms Carmen Rodriguez-Blazquez
Researcher, Carlos III Institute of Health
QoL, psychometrics, older adults, disabilities.
Dr Lia Rodriguez De La Vega
Associated Professor, La Matanza University, Buenos Aires, Argentina
QoL, diversity, religion, human trafficking.
Professor Mariano Rojas
Professor, Latin American Facuty of Social Sience, Mexico
Economics and happiness, domains of life.
Mr Gordon Ross
Manager, GV Health
Case management, planning and facilitation in the aged/disability sector.
Dr Dana Roth
Director of Research & Evaluation Dept., Beitissie
Involved in participatory action research and evaluation with people with disabilities, and part of the original group and developers of the family quality of life survey, 2006.
Mrs Kathryn Russell
SWB, social change, social justice.
Mr Glenn Rutter
Program evaluation, social work, mental health, addictions, therapeutic jurisprudence.


Mr Ajay Chandra Sadhuneni
Director (HR), NetEnrich Technologies
Wellness at work, job satisfaction, career success.
Assoc. Professor Peter Sainsbury
Director (Population Health), Sydney South West Area Health Service
Health and social policy, social relationships, mental health promotion, social inequalities.
Dr Ehssan Sakhaee
Osaka University, Japan
QoL, mentoring, happiness studies.
Mr Younan Eshak Aziz Saleep
Psychologist / Lecturer, Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences, Minia University, Egypt
Problem solving, QoL, aesthetic appreciation, wellbeing.
Mr Mauricio Sanabria
Manager Program Development, Nulsen Association
Learning, update knowledge, resources, research, people with disabilities. The aim of my work is to enable connections that help people with intellectual disabilities to achieve and maintain the best possible quality of life.
Mrs Suseela Santhosh
H.O.D., Mallige College of Nursing
Dr Chiara Saturnino
PhD, Università La Sapienza
Research, PhD, SWB
Mrs Pinar Savas Yavuzcehre
Research Assistant, Pamukkale University
Migrants, migrate, poverty, urban regeneration, women, city, urban.
Mr Jim Scantsonihas
Regional Manager, Fronditha Care
Dr Rony Schenker
Academic Director, Tsad Kadima, The association for conductive Education in Israel
Children, adolescents, young adults, cerebral palsy.
Assoc. Professor Nicola Schutte
Associate Professor, University of New England
Positive psychology, self-efficacy, emotional intelligence, positive affect, broaden and build.
Professor William Scott-Jackson
Visiting Professor, Cass Business School
Carrying out research into well-being and its assessment in the GCC countries and in relation to various advances in engagement models in organizations
Mr Andrew Searles
Co-Director of Research, HVRF
Wellbeing, regional monitoring, hunter region.
Dr Andrew Seaton
Author / Education Consultant / Independent Academic
Education, human potential, alienation.
Andrew Seaton's Homepage
Dr Pamela Seaton
Clinical Psychologist / Owner, Dr Pamela Seaton & Associates
Clinical psychology, wellbeing.
Dr Pamela Seaton & Associates
Mr P dhayal jeya Selvan
HR executive, Annamalai University, Tamilnadu, India
Doing pg diploma in guidance and counselling. I want to know more about the counselling theories/techniques and various psychological assessment surveys, etc.
Miss Catherine Seton
Honours Student - Psychology, Deakin University
Professor Pasquale Sgro
Associate Dean (Research), Deakin University
Health economics.
Ms Jennifer Shaw
Care Coordinator - Allied Health Professional, Albury-Wodonga Health, Wodonga Campus
HrQoL measures to determine the effectiveness of our chronic disease self management program.
Mrs Patricia Sheil
Teacher, Stanthorpe State High School
QoL, chronic diseases, poor support by medical personnel for this issue.
Ms Colleen Shelley
Quality of life, subjective wellbeing, assessment of quality of life, measuring outcomes.
Dr Seyed Alavi Sheriffdeen
Domain Head: Information Technology & eLearning Coordinator, Ilim College of Australia
Teaching, dealing with students from from (migrant) culturally and linguistically diverse (cald) communities. Youth issues, minority communities.
Dr Sue Sherratt
Aphasia, post-traumatic growth, community participation, community therapy groups.
Assoc. Professor Mohammad Taghi Sheykhi
Member of Teaching Board , Al-Zahra University, Tehran, Iran
QoL, ageing studies, welfare, happiness, youth development.
Dr Longyu Shi
Associate Professor, Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Sustainable city; Assessment of urban sustainability.
Dr M. A. Shoqeirat
Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist
Miss Eloise Silburn
Dr Ana Luísa Junça Silva
Lecturer, ISCTE-IUL
SWB, QoL, happiness, flourishing, psychological wellbeing.
Dr Carlos Henrique Silva
Head of Scientific Division, Brazilian National Cancer Institute
Mr Peter Simpson
Businesses role in happiness, positivity, learned optimism, positive approaches in the work place, leadership training, purpose, meaning, balanced lifestyles.
Mr Colin Sims
Psychologist, City of Perth
Employee development, quality of work life.
Mrs Eylem Simsek
Phd Candidate / Industrial Psychologist, Anadolu Univercity
Life satisfaction, communication satisfaction, SWB, personality.
Dr Vishal Singh
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Deakin University
Quality of work life, work-life balance, motivation, choice, career growth and opportunities, decision making.
Dr Kompal Sinha
Research Fellow, Centre for Health Economics, Monash University
Ms Shelly Skinner
Palliative Care Social Worker, Princess Margaret Hospital for Children
Ms Alison Smith
Planning and Performance Lead, Greater Metro South Brisbane Medicare Local
Health service planning and evaluation, development of patient surveys, benchmarking projects Mrs
Mr Michael Smith
ceo, Human Profit Consulting
Provider of employee wellbeing services
Mr Peter Smith
Researcher / Therapist / Educator, Sisters of Mercy
Applied research, expressions of sexuality.
Mrs Anneloes Smitsman
Director, Ecological Living In Action (ELIA)
Ms Samantha Snowden
Mr Henry So
Mr Mário Soares
Student, Universidade Lusiada Porto
Dr Noelia Somarriba
Professor, University of Valladolid
QoL, SWB, happiness, synthetic indicators.
Ms Georgina Spilsbury
Chief Psychologist, Corrective Services NSW
Suicide prevention, self-harm, mental health, resilience.
Ms Karen Sprey
Student, RMIT (Masters of Wellness)
Wellness, wellbeing, health, positive psychology.
Ms Katrina-Jae Stair
Student, Charles Sturt University Bathurst
Wellbeing, happiness, mothers.
Mr Dominik Stampfl
Doctoral Researcher, RMIT University | GEElab (Games and Experimental Entertainment Laboratory)
Game design, architecture, urban planning, urban mobility.
Mrs Viktorija Starkauskiene
Doctoral Student, Vytautas Magnus University
QoL, SWB, happiness - concepts, measurement and challenges.
Mr Adam Phillip Stefano
Student , Deakin University, Burwood
Study, thesis, interest.
Mr Keith Storace
Psychologist / Manager - Sub-acute Ambulatory & Community Services, Royal Melbourne Hospital
Adults, healthcare, welfare, disability, perceived social support, SWB, QoL, relationships.
Professor Shishir Subba
Department Head, Central Department of Psychology, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal
QoL, wellbeing, mental health, self-esteem, indigenous psychology.
Dr Lakshmi Sundaram
Professor, Anna University, Chennai, India
Infrastructure, transportation facilities, mobility, pedestrian facilities, city development and QoL studies.
Professor Jill Sweeney
Professor, Business School, University of Western Australia
Health, customer co-creation, QoL.
UWA staff profile
Dr Jeng-Chyang Syu
Researcher, Rajabhat University Udon Thani Thailand
Sustainable, index, udon thani, thailand, sustainable development.


Miss Kathrine Takac
Dr Bernadette Tan
Faculty Negros Oriental State University
Teaching resource, research topics, methodology.
Dr Selda Tasdemir Afsar
Research Assistant, Hacettepe University
Quality of work life.
Dr Mortaza Tavakoli
Assoc. Professor
Quality of place and quality of life, rural social welfare, evaluation methodology.
Ms Kejanna Taylor-King
Person Centred Planner and Trainer, Sunnyfield
Person centred planning, essential life planning, futures planning, aged planning, QoL, counselling, end of life, high support, special needs.
Dr Helen Tebble
Adjunct Associate Professor (Research), Monash University
Language of depression, empathy, discourse analysis, hrQoL, SWB.
Dr Liz Temple
Lecturer in Psychology, University of Ballarat
Psychological wellbeing, psychological distress, substance use, self-determination theory, attachment theory, time perspectives.
Dr Alexiu Teodor Mircea
Professor / Chief of Social Work Department, West University Timisoara, Romania
Dr Prasad Thakurdesai
Chronic diseases, patient reported outcome, hrQoL, metabolic syndrome, geriatric.
Mr Nessan Thambiah
Cluster Manager, Sunshine
The organisation sunshine is attempting to change traditional service delivery to a person centred service. I am interested to develop a way of measuring our effectiveness and client outcomes from this change.
Dr Paraskevi Theofilou
Chronic disease, hrQoL, medication adherence, mental health, health locus of control, palliative care.
Mrs Samantha Thompson
Ms Maree Thomson
Executive Officer, Community Lifestyles Agency Inc.
Mr Kieran Thorpe
PhD Candidiate, Deakin University
Autism, Asperger, quality of life, subjective well-being, disability
Doctorante Chercheure Fatima Tlemsani
Doctorante Chercheure
Le bien être subjective. L'enfance, les adolescents. Locus de control.
Dr Adrian Tomyn
Lecturer, RMIT University
Theory development and assessment of SWB, adolescent SWB, student wellbeing.
Dr Richard Tooth
Principal, LECG Limited
Public policy implications, economics and QoL.
Ms Pamela Tsiapos
Master of Clinical Psychology (Student), Deakin University
Subjective wellbeing, personal wellbeing index.
Mrs Vicki Tuchtan
Academic Director , Sage Institute of Education
Wellness coaching, fitness, nutrition.
Dr Lindsay Tunbridge
Founder of 'LiveWell: The science of living well', an evidence-based approach to treatment, research, education, and care. Currently Lindsay is investigating the subjective wellbeing of people affected by leprosy in Nepal, educational contexts designed to improve student wellbeing in Australia, and Subjective Wellbeing Homeostasis Theory as an integrative model for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Mindfulness in clinical contexts treating depression.
Dr Majid Turmusani
Researcher, Independent research
Disability inclusive development; disability research; policy planning/strategy development; cbr; m&e; capacity building.


Ms Woitsch Ulrike
PhD Student, University of Glasgow
Spirituality and intercultural learning.
Dr Õie Umb-Carlsson
Researcher / Senior Lecturer, Uppsala University, Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences, Research in Habilitation and Disability
Intellectual disability, living conditions, health, QoL, methodology.


Mr Claudio Vásquez Wiedeman
Researcher, Universidad Autónoma de Chile
SWB, material and social recovering, rural/urban development, poverty and inequality.
Dr Alpana Vaidya
Associate Professor / Head of Department of Psychology, Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce
Happiness index, belief in a just world and emotional intelligence among arts, commerce and engineering students.
Mrs Winsome Van den Bossche
Postgraduate Student
Positive ageing, health promotion.
Ms Alison Van den Eynde
PhD Candidate, Victoria University
Wellbeing, social exclusion, inequality.
Dr Gorka Vuletic Mavrinac
Assistant professor, Psychology Study, Faculty of Philosophy University of Osijek, Croatia
QoL and health, health psychology, health behaviour, population surveys.


Dr Katarzyna Wac
PhD, University of Geneva, Quality of Life technologies
I am a computer scientist researching Quality of Life technologies. Interests: QoL, ICT, mobile computing, QoL assessment, wireless health.
Dr John Waldon
HRC Eru Pomare Post Doctoral Research Fellow in Maori Health, Massey University
QoL, hrQoL, maori health, indigenous health, public health, psychometric validation, translation.
Ms Jay Wallace
Senior Case Manager, Central Coast Case Management Services
Dr Sarah Walsh
Dr Steffen P Walz
Director, RMIT University, Games and Experimental Entertainment Laboratory (GEElab)
Game design, architecture, city flow, pervasive computing, urban planning.
Dr Dawei Wang
Researcher, School of Psychology, Shandong Normal University; Center for Social and Organizational Behavior, Chinese Academy of Sciences
QoL, life satisfaction, SWB, nwi, objective and subjective social indicators.
Ms Belinda Warren
Ms Joanne Watson
PhD Student, Deakin University
Intellectual disability, measurement, self-determination, supported decision making.
Dr Dave Webb
Associate Professor, Business School, University of Western Australia
Dr Melissa Weinberg
Research Fellow, Deakin University
QoL of families of holocaust survivors.
Professor Margaret Sandra Westaway
Successful ageing, hrQoL, QoL domains, south africa, psychology.
Dr Mathew White
Director (Training and Leadership), Teach For Australia
Positive psychology, positive education, wellbeing.
Ms Terry Whittle
PhD Student, University of Sydney
Psychophysiology, stress, chronic muscle pain.
Dr Benjamin Wilkes
Clinical Psychologist, Campus Wellbeing, Macquarie University
Student populations.
Dr Allison F. Williams
Senior Research Fellow, University of Melbourne
Enhanced patient outcomes, nurse-initiated interventions to improve QoL in consumers with chronic illnesses.
Dr Emyr Williams
Ms Jacqui Williams
Chronic Disease Coordinator, Blue Care
How to improve the QoL for persons living within their own homes.
Ms Kerre Willsher
PhD Scholar, University of South Australia
Family centred care, childhood disability.
Mrs Chelsea Winskill
Acting Manager, Y Programs , YWCA Queensland
Organisational development, strategic planning, measuring impact, continuous improvement, ethical practice, accountability, social responsibility.
Dr Eve Wittenberg
Research Scientist, Harvard School of Public Health
Health-related quality of life; health utility, decision analysis.
Ms Jacqueline Woerner
Research Fellow, Deakin University
QoL research fellow at deakin university.
Professor Dr George Wolfgang
CIO, GenoPortal
Health-care, health-care assessments, disease management, regional development.
Ms Min Yee Wong
Student, University of Malaya, Malaysia
Mrs Rachel Woodlock
Doctoral Candidate, School of Political & Social Inquiry
Muslim wellbeing, Australian muslims, minority wellbeing, wellbeing and identity.
Ms Christine Wu
Masters Student, University of Canberra
Psychological wellbeing, social health, QoL, active ageing.
Professor Guobao Wu
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Measurement of well-being, conceptual and methodologic aspect of well-being, international and inter-regional comparison.
Professor Dianne Wynaden
Professor of Mental Health, Curtin University
Mental health, indigenous health, family health.


Ms Svetlana Yaremtchuk
PhD in Psychology, Amur State University of Humanities and Pedagogy, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia
Person's attitude to life, self-development, SWB.
Dr Gozde Yilmaz
Lecturer, Kocaeli University
SWB, happiness, economics.
Ms Amanda Yoong
Occupational Therapy Student, Monash University
The impact of caring for adults with intellectual disability on the QoL of parents.
Ms Tarli Young
I am graduating from a Masters of Positive Psychology this year and I am interested in community and societal wellbeing.
Ms Tarli Young
Economics of wellbeing, positive psychology, wellbeing in education.


Dr Grazyna Zajdow
Senior Lecturer, Deakin University
Alcohol, illicit drugs.
Ms Rhonda Zappelli
Senior Consultant, TNS Social Research
Ms Csató Zsuzsa
PhD Student on Social Policy, EL University of Science, Hungary, Budapest