This directory is intended to allow the rapid identification of instruments which may be of interest to researchers into QoL. As such, it is designed to provide only the basic information necessary for this purpose. It does not provide details of psychometric performance. It does, however, provide references to articles that report on the psychometric characteristics for each scale. Typically a maximum of two recent articles will be cited for this purpose.

Below you will find a search facility and a list of the scales. Just click on the scale for full details. The following information will assist your use of this facility:

  1. The item placed in the search engine can be any component of the instrument description. It can be a name, part of a name, a date or a keyword.

  2. In order to assist in the rapid identification of scales that are designed for particular groups, each scale description has a tag that can be entered into the search engine to retrieve such groups of scales. The tags are as follows:

    • Z1 Normal Population
    • Z2 Intellectual/Cognitive Disability
    • Z3 Medical
    • Z4 Psychiatric
    • Z5 Geriatric
    • Z6 Children/Adolescents
    • Z7 Disability
    • Z8 Congenital Disability
    • Z9 Adventitious Injury
  3. The description of each reference contains the name and initials of the first author, the name only of a second author, and 'et al' if there are two or more other authors. The full reference is usually available from the Bibliography on the website.

  4. The title of the Journal, Book or Publisher is in a code. This code can be accessed through the Instrument Database Abbreviations Codes. Codes link that appears below each scale description. The codes are as follows:

    These are formed from the first letter of each word making up the Journal title.
    Books and Manuals
    These are designated by a 'B.' preceeding the Book code. The code is formed as before.
    Publishers and Universitites
    These are desiginated by a 'P.' preceeding the Publisher or University code. the code is formed as before.

Please note: We do not supply tests. However most can be obtained from the key publication listed for each instrument. Failing this, please contact the author.

Legend: Instrument Database Abbreviations & Codes

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