This directory is intended to allow the rapid identification of instruments which may be of interest to researchers into QoL. As such, it is designed to provide only the basic information necessary for this purpose. It does not provide details of psychometric performance. It does, however, provide references to articles that report on the psychometric characteristics for each scale. Typically a maximum of two recent articles will be cited for this purpose.

Below you will find a search facility and a list of the scales. Just click on the scale for full details. The following information will assist your use of this facility:

  1. The item placed in the search engine can be any component of the instrument description. It can be a name, part of a name, a date or a keyword.

  2. In order to assist in the rapid identification of scales that are designed for particular groups, each scale description has a tag that can be entered into the search engine to retrieve such groups of scales. The tags are as follows:

    • Z1 Normal Population
    • Z2 Intellectual/Cognitive Disability
    • Z3 Medical
    • Z4 Psychiatric
    • Z5 Geriatric
    • Z6 Children/Adolescents
    • Z7 Disability
    • Z8 Congenital Disability
    • Z9 Adventitious Injury
  3. The description of each reference contains the name and initials of the first author, the name only of a second author, and 'et al' if there are two or more other authors. The full reference is usually available from the Bibliography on the website.

  4. The title of the Journal, Book or Publisher is in a code. This code can be accessed through the Instrument Database Abbreviations Codes. Codes link that appears below each scale description. The codes are as follows:

    These are formed from the first letter of each word making up the Journal title.
    Books and Manuals
    These are designated by a 'B.' preceeding the Book code. The code is formed as before.
    Publishers and Universitites
    These are desiginated by a 'P.' preceeding the Publisher or University code. the code is formed as before.

Please note: We do not supply tests. However most can be obtained from the key publication listed for each instrument. Failing this, please contact the author.

Legend: Instrument Database Abbreviations & Codes

15D questionnaire (Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4, Z5, Z6, Z7, Z8, Z9) Sintonen, H. (2001)
28-National Indicators of Child Wellbeing (Z6) See - Child and Youth Well-Being Index
42 item Ways of Coping Checklist () Walkey, F. H. & Green, (1999)
Aachen Depression Item Bank (Z1) Forkmann, T., et al., (2009)
Abbreviated Loneliness Scale (Z1) Paloutzian, R. F. & Ellison, B. (1982)
Aberrant Behavior Checklist (Z2) Aman, et al. (1985)
Accepting the Past Scale (Z1) Santor, D., & Zuroff, (1994)
Acculturative Stress Scale (Z1) Cawte, J., et al. (1968)
Acculturative Stress Scale for Foreign Students (Z1) Sandhu, D. S., & Asrabadi, (1994)
Acquiescence Scale (Z1) Winkler, et al. (1982)
Activation - Deactivation Adjective Checklist (Z1) Thayer, R.E. (1989)
Active Citizenship Composite Indicator (Z1) Hoskins, B., & Mascherini, M. (2009)
Activity and Attitude Inventory (Z5) Cavan, R.S., et al. (1949)
Actual-Ideal Questionnaire (Z6) Nishikawa, S., Norlander, T., Fransson, P., & Sundbom, E. (2007)
Adaptation to Old Age Questionnaire (Z5) Efklides, A., et al. (2003)
Adjective Check-list (Z1) Gill, W.M. (1984)
Adolescent Coping Orientation for Problem Experiences Questionnaire (Z6) McCubbin, H.I., & Patterson (1983)
Adolescent Coping Scale (Z6) Frydenberg, E., & Lewis, R. (1993)
Adolescent Coping Strategies Scale (Z6) Burnett & Fanshawe (1996)
Adolescent Family Life Satisfaction Index (Z6) Henry, et al. (1992)
Adolescent Feel-bad scale (Z6) Lewis, C.E., et al. (1984)
Adolescent Psychosocial Seizure Inventory (Z3) Batzel, L.W., et al. (1991)
Adolescent Quality of Life Scale (Z6) Manificat, S., & Dazord (2002)
Adolescent Ways of Coping Checklist (Z6) Vitaliano, P. et al. (1985)
Adolescents' Questionnaire (Z1, Z2, Z6) Timmons, V. (1993)
Adult Dispositional Hope Scale () see Hope Scale
Adult Self Transcendence Inventory () Levenson, M. R., et al (2005)
Adult Sources of Self-Esteem Inventory (Z1) Watkins, et al. (1998)
Advanced QOL Index (Z1) Diener, E. (1995)
Affect Balance Scale (Z1, Z2) Bradburn, N.M. (1969)
Affect Grid (Z1) Russell, J.A. (1989)
Affect Intensity Measure (Z1) Larsen, R.J., & Diener (1987)
Affective Quality of Life of University Students (Z1) Roberts, L.W., & Clifton (1992)
Affective Well-being Scale (Z1) Warr, P. (1990)
Affectometer 2 (Z1) Kammann, R., & Flett (1983)
Affects Balance Scale (Z1) Derogatis (1975)
Albert Einstein College of Medicine Coping Styles Questionnaire (Z1) Plutchik, R. (1989)
Allocentrism vs. Idiocentrism (Z1) Triandis, H.C., et al. (1995)
Alzheimer's Disease-Related Quality of Life Scale (Z4) Rabins, P.V., et al (1999)
American Demographics Index of Well-Being (Z1) Kacapyr, E. (1997)
Anamnestic Comparative Self-Assessment Scale (Z3) Bernheim, J.L., & Buyse (1983)
Anxiety and Depression Scale (Z3) Goldberg, D., et al., (1988)
Anxiety, Depression and Mood Scale (Z2) Esbensen, A.J., et al. (2003)
Apparent Affect Rating Scale (Z5) Lawton, M.P., et al. (1999)
Appreciation Inventory (Z1) Adler, M.G., & Fagley, N.S. (2005)
Arabic Scale of Optimism and Pessimism (Z1) Abdel-Khalek, A., & Lester (2006)
Arc's Self-Determination Scale (Z1) Wehmeyer, M.L., & Kelchner (1995)
Areas of Satisfaction and dissatisfaction scale (Z1) Crabbe, J.L., & Scott (1972)
Arel Spiritual Well-Being Scale (Z1) Hungelmann, et al. (1996)
Arizoma Social Support Interview Scale (Z1) Barrera, M. (1983)
Arizona Social Support Scale (Z1) Barrera, M. (1981)
Arthritis Beliefs Scale (Z3) Schiaffino, K.M., et al. (1991)
Arthritis Impact Measurement Scale (Z3) Meenan, R.F., et al. (1980)
Ask Kids Inventory for Children/ASK-Q Inventory for Adolescents (Z6, Z7) Bornholt, L.J. (2005)
Aspiration Index (Z1) Kasser, T., & Ryan (1996)
Assessment for Problem Focused Coping (Z3) Nattterlund, B., & Ahlstrom
Assessment of Daily Experience (Z1) Stone & Neale (1982)
Assessment of Quality of Life Instrument (Z1, Z3) Hawthorne, G., et al. (1999)
Assessment of Residents' Satisfaction and Family Perceptions Index (Z2) Bowd (1988)
Asthma Quality of Life Questionnaire (Z3) Juniper, E.F., et al. (1993)
Asthma Quality of Life Questionnaire-Mini (Z3) Juniper, E.F., Guyatt, G.H., Cox, F.M., et al. (1999)
Attitude Questionnaire (Z1) Magaletta, P.R., & Oliver (1999)
Attitudes Index (Z1) Stein, M.J., et al. (1988)
Attributional Dimension Scale (Z1) Benson (1989)
Attributional Style Questionnaire (Z1) Peterson, C., et al. (1982)
Automatic Thoughts Questionnaire () Jolly, J. B., & Wiesner, D. C. (1996)
Autonomous Functioning Checklist (Z2, Z6) Sigafoos, A.D. (1988)
Autonomy Questionnaire (Z6) Noom, M.J., et al. (1999)
Autoquestionnaire Enfant Image Questionnaire (AUQUEI) (Z2, Z6) Manificat, S. (1995)
Availability of Social Support Scale (Z4) Baker, F., et al. (1992)
Avoidance Coping Scale (Z1) Moos, R.H., et al.,
Bachman Self-Esteem Scale (Z1) Bachman, J.G., & O'Malley (1977)
Balanced Inventory of Desirable Responding (Z1) Paulhus, D.L. (1989)
Basic Needs Satisfaction in General Scale () Gagné, M. (2003)
Basic QOL Index (Z1) Diener, E. (1995)
Beach Center Family Quality of Life Scale (Z1) Summers, J.A., et. al. (2005)
Beck Depression Inventory (Z1, Z2, Z4) Beck, A.T., et al. (1961)
Bedford Life Events and Difficulties Schedule (Z1) Brown & Harris (1978)
Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System - Health Related Quality of Life (Z1) Hennessy, et al. (1994)
Belief In A Just World Scale (Z1) Rubin, Z., & Peplau (1975)
Belief In A Just World Scale-Revised (Z1) Rubin, Z., & Peplau, L.A. (1975)
Belief In Good Luck (BIGL) Scale (Z1) Darke, P.R., & Freedman (1997)
Beliefs About Well-Being Scale () McMahan, E. A & Estes, D. (2011)
Berkeley Expressivity Questionnaire (Z1) Gross & John (1995)
Berkman Psychological Wellbeing Scale (Z1) Berkman, P. (1971)
Berne Questionnaire on Adolescents' Subjective Well-being (Z1, Z6) Grob (1995)
Bernese Questionnaire on Adolescents' Perception of Control (Z6) Flammer et al (1994)
Bipolar Profile of Mood States (Z1) Lorr & McNair (1982)
Birleson Depressive Short Form Self-Rating Scale (Z2, Z6) Birleson, P. (1981)
BIS/BAS Scales (Z1) Carver, C. S., & White, T. L. (1994)
Blood-Wolfe Marital Satisfaction Scale (Z1) Blood & Wolfe (1960)
Body Mind Spirit Well Being Inventory (Z1) Ng, S. M., Yau, J. K. Y., Chan, C. L. W., Chan, C. H. Y., & Ho, D. Y. F. (2005)
BRCA Self-Concept Scale (Z1) Esplen, M. J., et al., (2009)
Brief Approach/Avoidance Coping Questionnaire () Finset, A, et al., (2002)
Brief Leisure Rating Scale (Z1) Ellis, G.D., & Niles, (1985)
Brief Mood Introspection Scale (Z1) Mayer, J.D., & Gaschke, (1985)
Brief Multidimensional Student's Life Satisfaction Scale () see - Multidimensional Students' Life Satisfaction Scale
Brief Pain Coping Inventory (Z3) McCracken, L. M., Eccleston, C., & Bell, L. (2005)
Brief Scales for Coping Profile (Z1) Kageyama, T, Kobayashi, T, Kawashima, M, Kanamaru, Y. Development of the Brief Scales for Coping Profiles (BSCP) for workers: basic information about its reliability and validity. San Ei Shi (2004)
Brief Symptom Inventory (Z1) Derogatis & Spencer (1982)
Burden Scale (Z1) Pruchno, R.A. (1990)
Burnout Scale (Z1) Pines, A., et al. (1978)
Calgary Depression Scale for Schizophrenics (Z4) Addington, D., Addington, J., Schissel, B. A. (1990)
Camberwell Family Interview (Z1) Brown, G.W., & Rutter (1966)
Campbell Well-Being Scale (Z1) Campbell, A., et al. (1976)
Cancer Behaviour Inventory (Z3) Merluzzi, T.V., et al. (1999)
Cancer Rehabilitation Evaluation System (Z3) Ganz, P.A., et al. (1990)
Capacity to Report Subjective Quality of Life Inventory (Z2, Z5) Josephine, G.W.S., Wong, E. P.T., Cheung, E.Y.H., et al. (2005)
Cardiac Depression Scale (Z3) Hare, D. L., & Davis, C. R. (1996)
Caregiver Burden Scale (Z1) Macera, C., et al. (1993)
Caregiver Quality of Life Index (Z1) Weitzner, M.A., Meyers, C.A., Steinbruecker, S., et al. (1997)
Caregiver Quality of Life Index – Cancer (Z1) Weitzner, M. A., Meyers, C. A., Steinbruecker, S., Saleeba, A. K., & Sandifer, S. D. (1997)
Caregiver Social Support Scale (Z1) Poulshock, S.W., & Deimling, (1984)
Caregiver Strain Index (Z1) Robinson, B.C. (1984)
Caregiver Well-being Scale (Z1) Tebb, S. (1995)
Caregiver's Quality of Life Scale (Z4, Z5) Thomas, P., et al. (2006)
Caregiving Difficulty Scale (Z1) McCallion, P., et al. (2005)
Caregiving Gains Scale (Z2) Chen, F-P, & Greenberg (2004)
Caregiving Hassles & Uplifts Scale (Z1) Kinney, J.M., & Stephens (1987)
Caregiving Hassles Scale (Z1) Kinney, J.M. & Stephens (1989)
Caregiving Stress Index (Z1) Apgar, D.H., et al. (2000)
Carer Coping Style Questionnaire (Z1) Budd, R.J. (1998)
CASP-19 (Z5) Hyde, M., Wiggins, R., Higgs, P., & Blane, D. (2003)
Causal Ascription Scale (Z1) Weiner, B. (1979)
Causes of Happiness Questionnaire (Z1) Furnham, A., et al. (2001)
Center for Epidemiological Studies, Depression Scale (CES-D) (Z3) Radloff, L. S. (1977)
CES-D (Z1) see Center for Epidemiological Studies, Depression Scale
Cesbe Questionnaire (CESBE) (Z1) Winje, D. Ulvik (1995)
Child and Adolescent Social Support Scale (Z6) Malecki, C.K., et al. (1999)
Child and Youth Well-Being Index () Land, K. C., Lamb, V. L., & Mustillo, S. K. (2001)
Child Anxiety Scale (Z6) Gillis (1980)
Child Health Questionnaire (Z3, Z6) Cleary, et al. (1994)
Child Health Questionnaire - CF87 (Z3, Z6) Landgraf, J.M., et al. (1996)
Child Health Questionnaire - Parent form () Landgraf, J. M. et al. (1996)
Child Quality of Life Index (Z6) Arboleda & Levinger (1982)
Child's Self-Concept Rating Scale (Z6) Ringness, T.A. (1961)
Childhood Asthma Questionnaires (Z6) Christie, et al. (1993)
Children's Attitude Toward Physical Activity Inventory (Z6) Simon & Smoll (1974)
Children's Coping Strategies Checklist (Z6) Ayers, T.S., et al. (1996)
Children's Depression Inventory (Z6) Kovacs, M., & Beck (1977)
Children's Depression Scale (Z6) Lang, M., & Tisher, B. (1978)
Children's Health Locus of Control Scale (Z6) Parcel & Meyer (1979)
Children's Hope Scale (Z1) Snyder, C. R. et al. (1997)
Children's Multidimensional Self-Efficacy Scale (Z6) Zimmerman, B.J., et al. (1992)
Children's Quality of Life Scale (Z6) Jirojanakul, P., et al. (2003)
Children's Self-Concept Scale (Z2, Z6) Lipsitt, L.P. (1958)
Children's Social Desirability Questionnaire (Z6) Crandall, V.C., et al. (1965)
Children's Stressful Events Scale (Z6) Brown, L.P., & Cowen (1988)
Children’s Automatic Thoughts Scale CATS-Negative/Positive () Hogendoorn, S.M., et al. (2010)
Chinese Affect Scale (Z1) Hamid, P.N., & Cheng (1996)
Chinese Aging Well Profile (Z5) Ku, P.W., Fox, K.R., & McKenna, J. (2008)
Chinese Circumplex Model of Affect (Z1) Yik, M. (2009)
Chinese Dialysis Quality of Life Scale (Z3) Suet-Ching, W.L. (2001)
Chinese Happiness Inventory (Z1) Lu, L., & Shih (1997)
Chinese Measure of Resiliency () Siu, O. L., Hui, C. H., Phillips, D. R., Lin, L., Wong, T. W., & Shi, K. (2009)
Chinese Neuroticism Questionnaire (Z1) Sun, L.N.N., & Stewart (2000)
Chinese Positive Youth Development Scale (Z1) Shek, D. T. L., Siu, A. M. H., & Lee, T. Y. (2007)
Chinese Resilience Measure for Children and Adolescents in Hong Kong (Z1) Lee, T. Y., et al., (2006)
Chinese Self-Esteem Inventory - Revised (Z1) Wu & Chuang (1980)
Chinese Value Survey (Z1) Chinese Culture Connection (1987)
Choice Questionnaire (Z2) Stancliffe, R.J., & Permenter (1999)
Chronic Heart Failure Questionnaire (Z3) Guyatt, G.H., et al. (1989)
Chumship Checklist (Z6) Mannarino (1976)
Client's Quality of Life Instrument (Z4) see Client's Quality of Life Scale
Client's Quality of Life Scale (Z4) Mulkern, V.M., & Manderscheid (1984)
Close Persons Questionnaire (Z1) Stansfeld, S.A., & Marnot: (1992)
Cognitive Control Strategies Scale (Z3) Stam, H., et al. (2006)
Cognitive Emotion Regulation Questionnaire (Z1) Garnefski, N., Kraaij, V., Spinhoven, Ph. (2002)
Cognitive Hardiness Scale (Z1) Nowack, K. (1990)
Collective Self-Esteem Scale (Z1) Luhtanen, R., & Crocker (1992)
College Schedule of Recent Experience (Z1) Anderson, G.E. (1972)
Community Belongingness Scale (Z1) Fattore, T., et al. (2003)
Community Integration Measure (Z1) McColl, M. A., Davies, D., Carlson, P., Johnstone, J., & Minnes, P. (2001)
Community Integration Questionnaire (Z3) Willer, et al. (1993)
Community Quality of Life Scale (Z1) Sirgy, M.J., et al. (2000)
Community Well-being Questionnaire (Z1) Christakopoulou, S., et al. (2001)
Composite International Diagnostic Interview (Z3, Z4) Wittchen, H.-U., & Pfister, H. (Eds.) (1997)
Comprehensive Quality of Life Index (Z1, Z2, Z6) Johnston, D.F. (1988)
Comprehensive Quality of Life Scale (Z1, Z2) Cummins, R. A. (1997)
Confidence in Public Insitutions Scale (Z1) Fattore, T., et al. (2003)
Consumer Satisfaction Survey (Z2) Temple University (1988)
Control Attitudes Scale (Z1) Moser, D. K., & Dracup, K. (1995)
Control Ratings Scale (Z3) Devins, et al. (1983)
Control Scale for HIV (Z3) Thompson, S.C., et al. (1996)
Control, Attributions, and Expectations Questionnaire (Z1) Clements, C.M., & Sawhney (2000)
Coop Measures of Functional Status (COOP) (Z3) Beaufait, D.W., et al. (1992)
Cooper's Coping Skills Scale (Z1) Carson, J., et al.
Cooperativeness Scale (Z1) Lu, L., & Argyle, (1991)
Coopersmith Behavioral Assessment of Self-Esteem (Z1) Coopersmith, S., & Ragnar (1982)
Coopersmith Self-Esteem Inventory (Z1) Coopersmith, S. (1967)
Copenhagen PsychoSocial Questionnaire (Z1) Kristensen, T., Hannerz, H., Hogh, A., & Borg, V. (2006)
Coping Across Situations Questionnaire (Z6) Seiffge-Krenke, I. (1995)
Coping Attitudes Scale (Z4) Dejong, T.M., & Overholser, J.C. (2007)
Coping Competence Scale (Z1) Dumas, J. E., Prinz, R. J., Smith, E. P., & Laughlin, J. (1999)
Coping Effectiveness Questionnaire (Z3) McNett (1987)
Coping Humor Scale (Z1) Martin, R. (1996)
Coping Inventory (Z6) Zeitlin, S. (1985)
Coping Inventory for Stressful Situations (Z1) Endler, N.S., & Parker (1990)
Coping Questionnaire (Z1) Orford, J. (1998)
Coping Responses Inventory (Z1) Moos, R. (1993)
Coping Strategies in Chinese Social Context (Z1) Hsu, W.Y., Chen, M.C., Wang, T.H., & Sun, S.H. (2008)
Coping Strategies Indicator (Z1) Amirkhan, J.H. (1990)
Coping Strategies Inventory (Z1) Tobin, L.D., et al. (1989)
Coping Strategies Questionnaire (Z3) Rosenstiel, A.K., & Keefe, (1983)
Coping Strategies Questionnaire-Revised (Z3, Z6) Gil, K. M., Abrams, M. R., Phillips, G., & Keefe, F. J. (1989)
Coping Strategies Scale (Z1) Boey, K.W.
Coping Style in Sport Survey/Inventory (Z1) Anshel, M.H., et al. (2000)
Coping Styles Questionnaire (Z1) Roger, et al. (1993)
Coping With Arthritis Questionnaire (Z1) Watkins, K.W., et al. (1999)
Coping With Health Injuries and Problems Scale (Z3) Endler, N. S., Parker, J. D. A., & Summerfeldt, L. J. (1998)
Coping With Illness Scale (Z3) Lazarus, R.S., & Folkman (1984)
Coping With Job Loss Scale (Z1) Kinicki, A.J., & Latack, (1990)
Coping With Job Stress Scale (Z1) Latack, J.C. (1986)
Coping with Problems Experienced Inventory (COPE) (Z1) Carver, C.S., et al. (1989)
Coping With Rheumatoid Stressors (Z3) van Lankveld, W. (1994)
Core Self-Evaluations Scale (Z1) Judge, T.A., & Hurst, C. (2008)
Counterfactual Thinking Questionnaire (Z1) Ruiselova, Z., Prokopcakova, A., & Kresanek, J. (2007)
Courtauld Emotional Control Scale (Z1) Watson, M., & Greer (1983)
Cqol [Q-QOL] (Z6) see Quality of Life Measure for Children
Crandall Social Desirability Test for Children () Crandall, V. (1975)
Cross-Cultural QOL Indicators Survey (Z2) Verdugo, M. A., & Schalock, R. L. (2003)
Crumbaugh-Maholick Purpose-in-Life Test (Z1) Crumbaugh, J.C., & Maholick, (1969)
Cultural Congruity Scale (Z1) Gloria, A. M., & Robinson Kurpius, S. E. (1996)
Cultural Identity Clarity Scale (Z1) Usborne, E., & Taylor, D. M. (2010)
Cultural/Ethnic Homogeneity Preference Index (Z1) Michalos, A., & Zumbo (2001)
Culture Free Self-Esteem Inventory for Children and Adults () Battle, J. (1981)
Culture-Free Self-Esteem Inventory for Children and Adults (Z1, Z6) Battle, J. (1981)
Cybernetic Coping Scale (Z1) Edwards (1991)
Cystic Fibrosis Quality of Life Questionnaire (Z3) Gee, L., Abbott, J., Conway, S.P., Etherington, C., Webb, A.K. (2000)
Daily Diary Card (Z3) Fayers, P. (1995)
Daily Spiritual Experience Scale (Z1) Underwood, L.G., & Teresi, J.A. (2002)
Daily Stress Inventory (Z1) Brantley, P.J., & Jones, (1989)
Day Reconstruction Method (Z1) Kahneman, D., et al. (2004)
De Jong-Gierveld Loneliness Scale (Z1) de Jong-Gierveld, J., & Kamphuis, F. (1985)
Deakin Coping Scale (Z1) Moore, K.A. (2003)
Dealing with Illness-Coping Inventory (Z3) Billings, A.G., & Moos (1981)
Defensive Ego-Involvement Scale (Z6) Skaalvik, E., et al. (1994)
Defensive Functioning Scale (Z1) American Psychiatric Association (1994)
Delusions - Symptoms - States Inventory State of Anxiety and Depression (Z1) Bedford, A., & Foulds (1978)
Dementia Quality of Life Instrument (Z2) Brod, M., et al., (1999)
Dementia Quality of Life Questionnaire (DEMQOL) (Z4) Smith, S.C., Lamping, D.L., Banerjee, S., et al. (2007)
Depression Anxiety Stress Scales (Z1) Lovibond, S. H., & Lovibond, P. F. (1995)
Depression Coping Questionnaire (Z4) Kleinke, C.L., et al. (1982)
Depression Coping Questionnaire - Short form (Z4) Oakley, L.D., et al. (1999)
Depression Happiness Scale (Z1) McGreal, R., & Joseph, (1993)
Depression Scale (Z1) Hunt, S.M. et al. (1967)
Depression Scale (Z1) Mirowsky, J. (1996)
Depression Scale (Z1) Salokangas, R. K., Poutanen, O., & Stengard, E. (1995)
Depression-Screening Questionnaire (Z3, Z4) Wittchen, H.-U., & Pfister, H. (Eds.) (1997)
Depressive Experiences Questionnaire () Blatt, S. J., D’Afflitti, J. P., Quinlan, D. M. (1976)
Depressive Tendencies Scale (Z6) Alsaker, F.D. (1992)
Desired Control Measure (Z1, Z5) Reid & Ziegler (1980)
Diabetes Quality of Life Questionnaire (Z3) Jacobson, A.M., Baroisky, I., Cleary, P., & Rand, L. (1988)
Diabetes-39 (Z3) Boyer, J.G., & Earp, J.A. (1997)
Diagnostic Interview Schedule for Children (Z6) Costello, E. J., Edelbrock, C. S., Costello, A. J. Validity of the NIMH Diagnostic Interview Schedule for Children: a comparison between psychiatric and pediatric referrals. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology (1985)
Differential Personality Questionnaire (Z1) Tellegen (1982)
Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scale (Z1) Gratz, K. L., & Roemer, L. (2004)
Dimensions of Satisfaction Scale (Z1) Sparks, S.A., et al. (2005)
DISABKIDS (Z6) Bullinger, M., Schmidt, S., & Petersen, C. (2002)
Dispositional Hope Scale () see Hope Scale
Dispositional Mood Scales (Z1) Huelsman, T.J., et al. (1998)
Distress Tolerance Scale (Z1) Simons, J.S., & Gaher (2005)
Duke-UNC Functional Social Support Scale (Z1, Z3) Broadhead, W.E., et al. (1988)
Duncan Socioeconomic Index (Z1) Duncan, O.D. (1961)
Dutch Scale of Subjective Wellbeing for Older Persons (Z5) Templeman, C.J.J. (1987)
Dutch Workaholism Scale (Z1) Schaufeli, W. B., Shimazu, A., & Taris, T. W. (2009)
Eating Disorder-Specific Health-Related Quality of Life Instrument (Z3) Engel, S.G., et al. (2006)
Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (Z3) Cox, et al., (1987)
Effects of Meditation Scale (Z1) Reavley, N., & Pallant, J. F. (2009)
Ego Adjustment Scale (Z1) Boylin, W., et al., (1976)
Ego-Resiliency Scale (Z1) Block, J., & Kremen (1996)
Ego-Resiliency Self-Report Scales (Z1) Klohnen, E.C. (1996)
Elder Life Adjustment Interview Schedule (Z5) Schlatter, A., et al. (1993)
Elders Life Stress Inventory (Z5) Aldwin, C.M. (1990)
Emotion Regulation Of Other And Self Scale () Niven, K., et al. (2011)
Emotion Regulation Questionnaire (Z1) Gross, J. J., & John, O. P. (2003)
Emotional Loneliness Scale (Z1, Z4) Wilson, R.S., Krueger, K.R., Arnold, S.E., et al. (2007)
Emotional Processing Scale (Z1) Baker, R., Thomas, S., Thomas, P. W., Gower, P., Santonastaso, M., & Whittlesea, A. (2010)
Employee Satisfaction Inventory (Z1) Koustelios, A. (2001)
Employee Satisfaction Questionnaire (Z1) Aronson, K.R., et al., (2003)
Empowerment Questionnaire (Z1) Man, D.W.K. (1998)
Empowerment Scale () Rogers, E. S., Chamberlin, J., Ellison, M. L., & Crean, T. (1997)
Empowerment Scale (Z1) Spreitzer, G. M. (1995)
Enriched (ENRICHD) Social Support Instrument (Z1) Burg, M.M. et al. (2005)
Enright Forgiveness Inventory (Z1) Enright, R. D. & Fitzgibbons, R. P. (2000)
Environmental Distress Scale (Z1) Higginbotham, N., Connor, L., Albrecht, G., Freeman, S., & Agho, K. (2006)
Environmentally Desirable Response Scale () Ewert, A., & Galloway, G. (2009)
Eortc () see European Organisation
EQ-5D (Z3) Kind P., Brooks R., & Rabin R. (2005)
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Who 5 Well-Being Index (WBI-5) [WHO (5)] (Z3) Bech, P. et al, (1996)
Who Composite International Diagnostic Interview [WHO] (Z1) see World Health Organisation
Whoqol-100 [WHOQOL-100] () (
Whoqol-100 [WHOQOL-100] (Z1, Z3) WHOQOL group; (1994a)
Whoqol-bref [WHOQOL-BREF] (Z1, Z3) P. WHO
Wisconsin Quality of Life Index (Z4) Becker, M. & Diamond (1997)
Work Conditions Questionnaire (Z1) Abrams, M. (1973)
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Worry Scale (Z1) Abrams, M. (1973)
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